Ask a question - get an answer. Injustice 2 will not receive any further interlopers from the Mortal Kombat franchise in Fighter Pack 3! Responding to a recent MK Online User Poll speculation piece, Creative Director Ed Boon put it in no uncertain terms: "Nope."

Sub-Zero and Raiden upped the MK quotient by double in Injustice 2, following the first game's successful addition of Scorpion.

Injustice 2 will top Mortal Kombat X for the most download fighters in a NetherRealm Studios title to date. The 2017 DC fighter will go one better, rounding out a post-game cycle with at least 10 additional characters, including pre-order incentive Darkseid.

The final DLC trio were teased in shadow in the first Fighter Pack trailer. Two character's identities remain subject to intense fan speculation, which until now saw mounting belief in a third Kombat guest. 73.3% of MK Online users polled believed a third kombatant was coming, with Kitana the leading source of speculation.

MK guests in a fighting game by the makers of Mortal Kombat is a lesser guest character evil, but has never the less remained divisive amongst Injustice 2 fans. Boon's no nonsense, sedate approach to Injustice rumors has alleviated these concerns. DC's Atom is expected to be among the final offerings.

2 Outta 38 Ain't Bad: Creative Director eases kommunity concern over Kombat guests. [via @UchihaDan100]

Black Manta is the first download character from Injustice 2's second Fighter Pack, available this month. Fighter Pack 2 also delivers dual crossover guests Raiden, and Mike Mignola's Dark Horse Comics icon: Hellboy.

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