In the wrestling ring they're the high energy former WWE Tag Team Champions, but today, wrestler's Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were in their alter-egos as the hosts of YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown. They were in Chicago recently to visit NetherRealm Studios. and along with admiring the wares, they've got the latest character reveal for Injustice 2 - The Nuclear Man, Firestorm! Watch:

Skip to 5:34 to get your first look at Firestorm in actiion in Injustice 2. Stay with it to see more of the new playable hero's immolating moves, including a diving attack reminiscent of Raiden's iconic special move.

Firestorm is one of the iconic modern Justice League recruits whose burning appearance belies his true powers to rearrange the subatomic structure of inorganic materials. As a hero comprised of two psyches, the original Firestorm relied on the internal instruction of Nobel prize winning scientist Professor Martin Stein. These days you'll find original hero Ronnie Raymond coaching new command Jason Rusch - who seems to be the Firestorm of choice for Injustice 2!

So far it looks like Firestorm's game counterpart is focusing on flame powers and flight, but there may be more secrets to the Firestorm Matrix to be revealed! Stay tuned to UpUpDownDown for more, including a special showdown between WWE Divas Sasha Banks and Bayley!

Injustce 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in three distinct versions starting May 16th! Register to share your thoughts about Firestorm and all things DC Comics on the Injustice 2 forum!