Series co-creator and Executive Producer, Ed Boon, made a relaxed appearance on GT.TV, live from E32011, to discuss the future of Mortal Kombat and official E3 unveiling of new character, Skarlet!

Boon describes Skarlet and her blood-themed fatalities as some of the most "disturbing" in the game, with exclusive first-look footage showing off the baptism of gore that is her Blood Shower, as well as the partial decapitation of her "Pez dispenser" finishing move.

Skarlet debuts as downloadable content in the near future, with Kenshi confirmed to be part of DLC plans into the summer that will include two additional extra characters. The E3 weekend has also seen the release of previously store-exclusive klassic costumes in a single pack [full story].

Developing technologies from the major console providers sparked interest for the future development of MK. Boon discussed PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U as potential platforms to rekindle the portable fighting game experience for MK fans. Boon's focus for the future on consoles includes a grander vision for the MK story mode, expanding on a cinematic presentation of adventure glued together by the fighting mechanic. He describes the 2011 story mode as 'scratching the surface' of what is possible.

On the subject of the MK story, the co-creator laments on the creative freedoms of a time travelling plot. With no certain plans for the future, Boon assures fans that, as usual, they have not seen the last of their favourite characters, regardless of their 2011 fate. The possibility for NetherRealm Studios to expand their horizons into other genres is a goal.

There is still no date set for the release of Skarlet or future downloadable characters. Find the full GTTV episode on, and more Skarlet here on Mortal Kombat Online.