As Mortal Kombat reaches its the milestone of its first anniversary, the game continues to find a new market in the handheld market via PlayStation Vita. One year later, fans can "fight anywhere, kombat anyone," as this latest follow-up to the live-action Kitana trailer shows!

This is the second trailer to feature last years official cosplay models [full story], who appeared in conjunction with live and online promotions for the original release of game. Danni Levy reprises her role as Mileena, walking a barren landscape in full costumes (what there is of it), demonstrating some of the same trademark weaponing as her blue-clad predecessor.

Like the previous installment, this is a thirty second teaser for the full seventy second variety, which will no doubt follow sometime soon. Mortal Kombat is scheduled for release on the PSVita first in the US, May 1, then across Europe, May 4.

Kombatting anyone is one of the unique selling features of the PlayStation Vita experience. Ad-hoc live battles and Wi-Fi kombat mean anyone can be an opponent, wherever you go, with the much publicized belated inclusion of Augmented Reality, an added bonus of fighting anywhere [read on].

Like console versions of the Komplete Edition [full story], PSVita Kombat boasts the vital inclusion of previously downloadable additions (Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain, Freddy Krueger), as well as PlayStation exclusive guest of war], Kratos. A completely revamped Challenger Tower which includes a slew of unique touchscreen and accelerometer mini-games, as well as the first rung playable opportunity to be Shao Kahn, offers a whole new playing experience for kombatants new, and old.

Mortal Kombat Online will post the full trailer when available. It's the first anniversary of the last game and later in the year, MK turns twenty! Share your nostalgia on the forums this Year of the Dragon!