With an eighth episode still fresh, the kombat boffins at NetherRealm Studios are delivering a 1, 2 combo of PlayStation Vita MKasts! This time it's the hardware-specific missions that make up a brand new Challenger Tower under the spotlight!

Hector Sanchez (Producer), Derek Kirtzik (Art Designer) and Brian Lebaron (Designer) are back from the last episode, running through some of their favourite new modes and the features they entail.

Test Your Slice, Test Your Balance and "Bloody Mess" missions are among the heavily interactive new features. Slice borrows familiar mechanics (with an MK twist) to utilize both touchscreen and accelerometer features, while Test Your Balance and the screen-spattering mess mode divide these features between concept-driven gimmicks.

Harkening back to the popularity of big head modes in the nineties (ala; MK4), Mini Kombat turns regular fighters into super-deformed versions dealing tweaked damage at high speeds. Also discussed; the thrilling return of Zombie missions and End Game 2 -- the uber challenging finish that promises multiple 'surprises.'

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We recently featured another of the PSVita Challenger Tower exclusives, the return of a character who hasn't been seen since his first appearance in 2000. Learn more about this mysterious warrior in the full article. For portable updates on all things MK, follow @MK_Online and like us on Facebook.