After a voting period of Four Rounds, the MKO Community has chosen the character who will become MKO's Exclusive Custom Statue:

Congratulations Motaro!

With an impressive amount of support, Motaro (in his chosen MK3 Victory Pose) emerged victorious against the iconic MK Dragon, the second most popular choice. The Centaur's overall design will be decided by the MKO fan community and he will be sculpted by SycoCollectibles.

SycoCollectibles have already expressed their enthusiasm and excitement concerning Motaro's victory through their Facebook Page and they are looking forward to start sculpting his model as soon as we decide on his statue's final details. One of Syco Collectibles Lead Officers has already expressed his interest in sculpting a battle damaged, bruised, and/or scarred Motaro, accentuating his animalistic and dangerous presence even more. This option, however, will be up to you to decide!

Continue reading the rules in this article's second post in order to participate and help determinate along side the rest of the MKO Community the specific designs and details concerning:

1) Motaro's Base.
2) Motaro's Body.
3) And whether or not he should hold something in his hand.

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