If Day 1 of E3 left us with questions, Day 2 was all about answers! Sony's Press Conference gave us the first Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer and introduced three mystery characters [full story]. Those characters were finally given names during Ed Boon's appearance on the PlayStation Live Cast:

The Mortal Kombat X Creative Director revealed a plot that will take the story up to twenty-five years in the future! This lapse in time means we can expect plenty of wild new characters, returning characters in new guises, and some unexpected twists on the familiar staples!

The three mysterious characters introduced yesterday have been identified as: Ferra-Torr (midget & brute), D'Vorah (wasp woman) & Kotal Kahn (Aztec warrior). Joining them in the Live Cast demo was another surprising new addition - Cassie Cage: daughter of original chosen warriors Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade!

The first three characters were featured in a live demonstration, along with Scorpion & Sub-Zero. The reinvention of kombat is evident in every aspect of the game, from the selection of three variations of every character, to the interactive elements in stages!

Scorpion's fighting variations include: Ninjutsu, Hellfire & Inferno. Each variation will alter the gameplay functionality, but is seemingly built around basic high concepts. Boon explains Ninjutsu incorporates swords into his style, while Hellfire allows the ninja spectre to manipulate hellish flames, and Inferno (a popular reference from Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks) features demon summoning.

Choose Your Destiny: Scorpion faces D'Vorah in the E3 select screen.

Many theories and assumptions based on the first trailer are playing out! Meter based special attacks like X-Ray & Enhanced moves return from Mortal Kombat. Arena interactions look set to have an interesting influence on the series, adapting ideas developed by NetherRealm Studios in their over-the-top superhero fighter: Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Interactions with arena geography will allow players to reposition themselves in fights, while interactive weaponry adds fun and opportunity based leverage. Dead bodies washing up in a churning surf are just one example of inconsistent interactive elements -- a little old woman affectionately dubbed Blanche - another weaponized fixture. Ed describes stage interaction as offering "more tools" -- something helped with the return of the block button, which can be employed against offensive stage elements.

New arenas showed off include The Kove -- a grim jetty with a turbulent ocean setting, and gnarly pirate-type ships in the background. Outworld Marketplace offers some welcome world building, with an apocalyptic/ancient take on commerce that features exactly what it promises. The bustling market is littered with interesting characters, going even further with character depth and activity than the last game!

When asked who the big villain of the game will be - Ed was cagey: 'It's gonna be a fun surprise returning character.' If you immediately thought you knew who that meant, Boon throws a little doubt into the mix: "Not a lot of people will see it coming."

We can expect to see a few more familiar faces in the future, with aged kombatants a distinct option. Scorpion is, of course, a returning icon, but it's too soon to assume the same is true of Sub-Zero -- a character whose backstory includes a lineage of seven generations of kori warriors with that same name.

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