You may know him from the soul crushing un-reveals of the MKX Character Deadpool, or the countless gigabytes of message board mythology and deranged speculation he's inspired across the web. He's less known as the co-creator of Mortal Kombat, and continues as Creative Director on Mortal Kombat X! He's Ed Boon - and over the past couple of days, he's ramped up the tweets (@noobde) and given us more to talk about while WB holdout for the next magazine world exclusive!

From character teases, to preview schedules, Boon touched on it all. Here are some of the more noteworthy tidbits:

Give The Man a Hand
The most substantial item to come from Boon's big day of teases was this postage stamp of an unidentified hand & weapon.

The disembodied digits are in keeping with his black & white boot teases (from last August), sharing a certain aesthetic similarity with "Exhibit F". That particular boot - which was accompanied by a boney, rustic looking accessory that may correlate with the weapon pictured - was among the least convincingly identified.

The maroon gauntlet and bone-themed weapons have us submitting Reiko for consideration, but it's a tough call. That has us wondering if this isn't one of the new characters promised to be among the feet.

More Big Days To Come
When one eager fan asked when the next hint for a new character will be, Boon responded with a promising forecast, "Next week is going to be a lot of fun!"

Next week won't bring a Kitana Character Variation spotlight, sadly, but Boon did reveal an eventual reprieve when, "... our twitch stream will go IN DEPTH on variations!" We'll also learn more about the story "[v]ery soon".

With just three months to go until the home console release, the flood gates are certainly more than ready to be opened! When you consider all the hot information already coming from tie-comics and webseries, the frost of winter is already starting to melt away! Toasty!

A Native American Wolf In...?
Mortal Kombat (2011) wasn't particularly kind to fans of the klassic mythology, undoing much of what was loved, but the game's story mode did do a great service to elevate Nightwolf to unseen heights!

After a star making turn with wolfskin alternate costume that finally showed the inspiration the character lacked - he was killed. Victim of the same bloodbath that left most Earthrealm heroes deceased and under the control of Quan Chi.

Boon offered new hope to fans of the revamped shaman warrior,
responding lyrically to a character querey with, "It Might Wolf." That might not bode well for those hoping for a Kung Lao & Kitana style return to the living - but never say never! Who better to return from the grave than a super shaman who's pals with Raiden?

Cloudy With A Chance of New Ninja
Past allusions suggest we're overdue a ninja or two, and according to Boon, there's even a chance of a new one in MKX! As any pedant will tell you, even .1 in 100 registers as a chance, but when you consider MK's notorious history with ninja-esque warriors, we like the odds.

There are many other tweets! For that, we have The Official Twitter Thread! You'll have to register to insist that reference to your favourite character was more significant than the others. We refuse to indulge green cyborgs. Special Forces 2, on the other hand...