Whether you've got a beef with a creative choice, netcode, DLC, or just think your kung fu is good - the ultimate challenge awaits you online with Mortal Kombat X! NetherRealm Studios developers will be prowling the wilds of Xbox Live today at 3:00PM CDT, accepting challengers as they stream live on Twitch!

Developers can be identified online by their official NetherRealm gamer tag background and icon [pictured above]. Developer slayers not only earn the satisfaction of their victory, but will also gain their own unique tag embellisher to flaunter their deadly success! So... Who's next?

Not up to the task? Still reeling from the Invasion Boss? Occupied by gainful employment? Register to heckle the community gladiators from the safety of the Mortal Kombat X stands! Help build a crowd by liking & sharing updates via @MK_Online & Facebook!