For those who've purchased The Kombat Pack - downloadable guest fighter Jason Voorhees has already been unleashed. For the unsuspecting public, a new TV Spot promotes the inclusion of the iconic Friday The 13th masked slasher. He's in Mortal Kombat X (in case you forgot).

- The Kombat Pack Trailer
- Official Jason Voorhees Trailer
- MKX Jason Reveal Trailer
- MKX Jason TV Spot
- Mortal Kombat X TV Spot
- Mortal Kombat 4 TV Spot
- Mortal Kombat II TV Spot

While Kombat Pack holders already have early access; fans hoping to purchase Jason individually from online stores will have to wait until Tuesday, May 12th.

Jason Voorhees will be joined in the coming months by fellow Kombat Pack bonus fighters: Tremor, Tanya & guest character Predator [full story].

Fans with updated games will be able to get a hands-on preview with Jason in the Living Tower mode. You can expect to face the silent stalker in online matches, as well!

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