From humble hoax beginnings to cult and fan-favourite status: Ermac has become a much loved regular in the MK mythologies. The creature of souls returns in Mortal Kombat X with a new look. Take a closer look:

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Ermac's new look draws inspiration from a variety of sources, featuring familiar elements from the last generation. Many of the characters feature klassically inspired designs, but Ermac and Reptile may be the most literal visual continuations - somewhat unusual, for this series.

Ermac's appearance echoes his Mortal Kombat (2011) jacketed alternate costume [see more], with an interlocking belt design first seen in Deception. Next generation textures bring to life a rich leather look - distinct from the red fabrics that popped in previous incarnations.

Ermac has kept himself literally enshrouded in mystery for quite some time, hiding his face beneath black wraps and masks. For the first time the bandages are pulled back to reveal a decaying face right out of The Mummy's Tomb. Web vein gloves defy explanation, but with green soul energy, maintain the recognized trademarks of the character. Could they suggest one of the souls Ermac has absorbed? They don't look like Shao Kahn's gloves, but perhaps another past warrior?

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