Chances are you know John Vogel best as one of the stalwarts of the Mortal Kombat design team. As a developer, he's helped steer the course of Kombat through multiple generations, including his well remembered role as writer for 2002's Deadly Alliance and sequel Deception.

As of April; your pal and mine has turned his impeccable skills as writer and artist to the world of webcomics with Skitter!

If you're expecting demonic warlords and deadly fists of kung-fu -- stow those expectations in the nearest pigeon hole! Skitter is "what bugs do when humans are near" and tells the madcap tales of spider Jack and his insect pals. Expect punch lines, not punches.

Jack is confronted by a new racket in town in April 21st strip.

Though different, fans who've enjoyed Mortal Kombat's lighter moments & in-jokes, or just conversing with Vogel on Twitter, should find something to enjoy in the free series!

Skitter is updated regularly Tuesdays and Thursdays on You can follow and support the project @SkitterComic & Facebook! Tell 'em @MK_Online sent you!