Just when you thought you'd achieved total mastery over your favourite characters techniques, the current Mortal Kombat has given up one of its best guarded secrets!

You wouldn't expect much in the way of undiscovered territory in a game released April 2011, but NetherRealm Studios promised deeply nestled secrets in the tradition of the classics, and it turns out they've delivered exactly that! The Toasty Boost is fully exposed!

demonstrates usage of the Sub-Zero Toasty Bonus.

Combining elements of skill and random chance; the Toasty Boost allows players to extend their potential for bridging special attacks by refilling the bonus meter.

Opportunity for a Toasty Boost arises when Dan Forden appears in the corner of the screen, proclaiming the now legendary "Toasty" catchphrase, in the manner first seen in Mortal Kombat II. Like MKII; [Forden]'s appearances are triggered at a randomized frequency by specific moves - most popularly, but not limited to, an uppercut.

Reports suggest either player can receive the boost during a competitive match, offering a small defensive measure for victims of the offending trigger attack(s). The availability of the Toasty Special to specific characters mid-combo (via the Toasty trigger) should make stealing the Boost a valued strategy.

[FP = Forward Punch (1)]
[BP = Back Punch (2)]
[FK = Forward Kick (3)]
[BK = Back Kick (4)]
Baraka - Up, Up, Down, FK
Cyber Sub-Zero - Down, Down, Down, FP
Cyrax - Up, Up, Down, FP
Ermac - Up, Up, Down, BP
Freddy Krueger - Down ,Back, Down, FK
Jade - Down, Back, Down, FK
Jax - Down, Down, Down, BK
Johnny Cage - Down, Down, Up, FP
Kabal - Down, Down, Up, BP
Kano - Forward, Forward, Back, FK
Kenshi - Forward, Back, Down, FK
Kitana - Forward, Forward, Back. BK
Kratos - Back, Back, Down, BP
Kung Lao - Forward, Forward, Back, FP
Liu Kang - Forward, Forward, Back, BP
Mileena - Back, Back, Forward, FK
Nightwolf - Back, Back, Forward, BK
Noob Saibot - Back. Back, Forward, FP
Quan Chi - Back, Back, Forward, BP
Raiden - Down, Back, Down, FK
Rain - Back, Back, Down, FK
Reptile - Down, Back, Forward, FK
Scorpion - Down, Back, Forward, FP
Sektor - Down, Back, Down, FP
Shang Tsung - Down, Down, Forward, FK
Sheeva - Down, Down, Forward, BK
Sindel - Down, Down, Down, FP
Skarlet - Back, Down, Down, FK
Smoke - Down, Down, Forward, BP
Sonya - Back, Back, Down, FK
Stryker - Back. Back, Down, BK
Sub-Zero - Back, Back, Down, FP

puts Sektor's Toasty Bonus to devastating use with a 70% combo.

The list is the work of various members of the community who have been working diligently over the past few months to uncover the necessary inputs, unique to each character. The community's complete list [above] has been reported by Test Your Might, where much of the trial and error has been undertaken.

is widely cited among the most prolific investigators, sharing his extensive discoveries via microblogging service, Twitter (@check_4900). Test Your Might credit TONY-T as an identifiable source for original evidence of the Boost [March 23, 2012], with a wide array of other contributors.

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