This weekend, two tribes go to war in the far off, exotic realm of Anaheim, as the dust of E3 settles to reveal the best of the East, facing the best of the West! The Major League Gaming Spring Championships are here, and the Pro Circuit is set to play host to an epic confrontation between New York's finest dominators, and the last bastion of hope for the free fighting world!

Between them, vVv CD Jr and vVv REO have laid waste to the Earthrealm Mortal Kombat ranks, leaving a trail of broken champions along the Road to Evo, whilst ruling MLG's Fighter Arena and Winter Championships with devastating ease!

Gathered before the East Coast contingent are the world's deadliest assassins! IGL's DJT and MIT will join EGP Tyrant, Xblades and Krayzie Bone in a West Coast front, backed by the likes of PowerUp Winner IKizzLE, UFGT8 Runner-Up Pig of the Hut, Evo 2011 Champion PerfectLegend, Team GGA, and many more! A full list of competitors and seeding is available at, hyperbole not included.

The Spring Championship takes place across three big days, with a whopping Mortal Kombat kitty of $26,700 -- which, in current conversion, roughly equates to mad fat skrilla, yo! Covering the cost of entry, food and drink, and a trip to the merchandise stand for a keepsake memento, will no doubt be an attractive reward for the men and woman [shout out, WhatsHerName!] contesting the title.

Tom Brady will be on the tournament sidelines, calling all the HD action live on stream -- with @MLG live tweeting elimination results [apparently]. Brady features in one of the many sideshows, this tour, when he defends the integrity of his Sub-Zero against all challengers (such as DJT). The Mirror Matches will continue with an exhibition clash between vVv CD Jr and EGP Tyrant, testing the might, mettle and metal of their respective Jax'!

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