Philadelphia, PA -- Over the weekend of February 18-19, The City of Brotherly Love would play a fitting host to Winter Brawl 6 -- the second official stop on the Road to Evo! With Championship seeding points on the line, vVv CDJr. would have the opportunity to compete against older brothers and fellow tournament favourites, Crazy Dominican and Maxter, following up on his Apex Tournament Series victory, in January.

On Day One, eight pools would deliver two qualifying players from heats. The brothers would remain tournament favourites as they successfully took their pools without defeat. Prodigal son, Tom Brady, also followed through on his pre-tournament attention, enjoying unbeaten success with Raiden as his new main character (abandoning Sub-Zero). Sawnik Fawx would become tournament darling, a young Mileena player fighting well beyond his years with a style unpredictable and aggressive enough to contest a 2-1 loss to CD Jr in the top sixteen!

The pool winners would deliver an eclectic mix of mains and styles:

    [Pool 1] vVv CD Jr. (Smoke) / PimpUigi (Scorpion)
    [Pool 2] RM Sawnik Fawx (Mileena) / LB NY Chris G. (Noob, Reptile)
    [Pool 3] EMP Tom Brady (Raiden) / WNBA Blackula (Kenshi)
    [Pool 4] VSM Maxter (Stryker, Cage) / WNBA AC1984 (Kabal)
    [Pool 5] vVv REO (Kabal) / Rapzilla (Reptile)
    [Pool 6] VSM KT Smith (Smoke) / Kevo Da Man (Kabal, Noob)
    [Pool 7] VSM Crazy Dominican (Kitana) / WNBA SwiftTomHanks (Sektor, Ermac)
    [Pool 8] WNBA Death (Mileena, Kung Lao) / TS Sabin (Reptile, Kenshi)
With double elimination still available, the final sixteen concluded the day with a hard fought series to determine the top eight players. With Evo seeding points on the line, a single consolation point would be afforded to only the top twelve, making every match worth the effort!

    Top Sixteen Winners Bracket:
    vVv CD Jr. (Smoke, Jax) d. RM Sawnik Fawx (Kung Lao) [2-1]
    VSM Maxter (Cage, Cyrax) d. EMP Tom Brady (Raiden) [2-1]
    vVv REO (Kabal) d. VSM KT Smith (Smoke) [2-0]
    VSM Crazy Dominican (Kitana) d. WNBA Death (Mileena) [2-0]

    Top Sixteen Losers Bracket:
    LB NY Chris G. (Noob) d. PimpUigi (Scorpion) [2-0]
    WNBA AC1984 (Kabal) d. WNBA Blackula (Kenshi) [2-0]
    Kevo Da Man (Kabal) d. VSM Rapzilla (Reptile) [2-0]
    TS Sabin (Reptile) d. WNBA SwiftTomHanks (Ermac, Sektor) [2-0]

    Losers Bracket Second Round:
    TS Sabin (Reptile) d. EMP Tom Brady (Raiden) [2-1]
    RM Sawnik Fawx (Mileena) d. Kevo Da Man (Kabal) [2-0]
    WNBA Death (Mileena) d. WNBA AC1984 (Kabal) [2-0]
    LB NY Chris G. (Reptile) d. VSM KT Smith (Smoke) [2-0]

Winter Brawl 6 Top Eight Spotlight Match:
WNBA Death versus VSM Maxter

Day Two would belong to Team vVv as competition spiraled toward two massive match-ups between CD Jr. and REO!

Sawnik Fawx continued to engender himself with his aggressive playstyle, ultimately undone with a character switch and a hot fight against the well experienced Crazy Dominican. Not to be outdone, Death and Maxter put on one of the closest fights of the final eight [featured above, via Test Your Might] in a compelling clash between Sonya and Cage!

REO had Crazy Dominican's number in two fights, first eliminating him from the winners bracket in a solid 2-1 encounter, before revisiting the feud in a walkover to set up the Grand Final! REO did well to reset the bracket against CD Jr. [3-1], but CD Jr endured with a steady hand, taking a clean sweep six rounds in the Winter Brawl 6 tournament decider!

    Winners Bracket Semi Finals:
    vVv CD Jr. (Jax) d. VSM Maxter (Cage) [2-1]
    vVv REO (Kabal) d. VSM Crazy DominicaN (Kitana) [2-1]

    Losers Bracket Round 3-5:
    WNBA Death (Mileena) d. LB NYChris G. (Noob) [2-0]
    RM Sawnik Fawx (Mileena) d. TS Sabin (Kenshi) [2-0]
    VSM Maxter (Cage) d. WNBA Death (Sonya) [2-0]
    VSM Crazy Dominican (Kitana) d. RM Sawnik Fawx (Kung Lao, Mileena) [2-0]
    VSM Crazy Dominican (Kitana) d. VSM Maxter (Cage) [2-1]

    Winners & Losers Bracket Finals:
    vVv CD Jr. (Jax) d. vVv REO (Kabal) [3-1]
    vVv REO (Kabal) d. VSM Crazy Dominican (Kitana) [3-0]

    Winter Brawl 6 Grand Final:
    vVv REO (Kabal) d. vVv CD Jr. (Jax) [3-1 Reset]
    vVv CD Jr. (Jax) d. vVv REO (Kabal) [3-0]

With two Mortal Kombat stops crossed off the official Road to Evo, the seeding points are already beginning to stack up. Owning both tournament victories, vVv CD Jr. is well on his way to establishing a great tally for the 2012 Championships! Winners receive 50pts, while runners-up get 25pts, third 10pts, and 4th through 12th get a meager 1pt.

After two tournaments, the seeding standings currenty look like:

    1. (100pts) vVv CD Jr. [2 tournaments]
    2. (35pts) vVv REO [2 tournaments]
    3. (26pts) LB NYChris G. [2 tournaments]
    4. (10pts) VSM Crazy Dominican [1 tournament]
    5. (2pts) WNBA Death [2 tournaments]
    5. (2pts) TS Sabin [2 tournaments]
    5. (2pts) VSM KT Smith [2 tournaments]
The next points opportunity comes March 2-4 at Final Round in Atlanta! Mortal Kombat Online will attempt to keep you up to date. Keep abrest of developments by following @MK_Online and discuss more from the tournament calendar on the forums!