It was only last month when the announcement was made Mortal Kombat would officially join the lineup for the World Game Cup 2012. A successful applicant in the internets choice ballot; the award winning fighter joins a sprawl of the worlds most popular fighting games, offering high calibre competition to any fighters able to attend when the tournament emanates from Palais des Festivals de Cannes [full story].

A final bracket of thirty-two answered the World Game Cup challenge, applying from across Europe to compete in a field announced via live stream live on Gameblog TV. Geography has seen a high contingent of players coming from France and the United Kingdom, with Greece also well represented across the roster.

WGC will send complete bracket and pool details to applicants via e-mail, with an official post to be made over the weekend on the website. MK pools are scheduled to take place February 18, occuring as part of Festival International des Jeux, in Cannes, France. The final four are expected to fight it out during live streamed finals, February 19.

The announced field of players [via Test Your Might] have now been dispersed into four pools [via WGC, Updated Feb. 13]. Double elimination means losers enter a second bracket.

Pool 1:
United Kingdom Ketchup versus GDA Cimmerian Greece
France Dr Jackal versus Mkdalil France
Austria St9rm versus Dark Light Germany
Greece GDA Nikolasss versus Howtoread United Kingdom

Pool 2:
United Kingdom Mustard versus GDA Shin_Vouri Greece
France Albritz versus Kaizoh Switzerland
United Kingdom Smokey versus Steakz_Teacher France
United Kingdom Thead versus Djoudj France

Pool 3:
United Kingdom UsedForGlue versus theRob Austria
Italy Crathen versus GDA Hidan Greece
United Kingdom HD Klutch versus Grannis Greece
France TendouTensei versus Nutriant Republic of Ireland

Pool 4:
Greece GDA Metzos versus MagikRaf France
United Kingdom BenGmanUk versus Austria theAl
United Kingdom Albo versus Elbico-Amir France
United Kingdom HD Kyzertron versus Malakai Finland

World Game Cup 2012 takes place across three threatening days of competitive kombat, February 17-19. Mortal Kombat Online will be following developments in the MK field, reported to be fought using Xbox 360 versions of the game. Discuss the tournament build and live stream on the forums. More information is available on