Fight Klub Patch Notes

Fight Klub Patch Notes

April 20, 2021

  • New !guardpool and !unwatchpool commands added to Discord Bot to allow for being notified when someone enters a pool
  • Redesign of the Fight Klub landing page
  • Have pool joining always default to First to 2
  • Improvements to Fight Klub notification text
  • !letsplaynow accepts a challenge, if there is a single challenge outstanding

April 17, 2021

Updated Analyzer has been launched

This new version of the analyzer has a number of significant improvements that should help make Fight Klub far faster and more accurate:

  • The Analyzer now reads character select screens for both player and selected character information
  • If the players found are those of the played match, then clip verification is performed immediately and players are released to go schedule another match
  • If a character identification fails for a particular set, the character selected on the select screen will be used
  • Major improvements around reading usernames to prevent the bug where a username is partially misread
  • A number of major improvements around win detection, character identification, brutality matching, etc
  • Game sets are now analyzed fully in parallel, which should lead to a significant speedup in analysis for longer clips

April 11, 2021

  • A Discord notification is now sent to the #fight-klub channel when a user or users leave the challenge pools
  • Fix around preferred platforms in the challenge pool: We now use the correctly preferred platform when joining a challenge pool
  • Fix around platform username checking: The user's username on the game service platform (XBL or PSN) is verified right before a match is played, in case it has changed
  • Improvements to Fight Klub Setup: A mobile notification is now sent to verify that such notifications are enabled
  • Improvements to Fight Klub Setup: Users can now play in Fight Klub even if we cannot read their play status on the game service

March 2, 2021

  • Fix to prevent a user not fully setup from joining a challenge pool
  • Hide matches that have already started streaming from the upcoming match list
  • Add clarification text on Challenge Pools display on the FK landing page

Feb 28, 2021

New challenge pool system has been launched

  • Challenge pool can now be joined from either Discord or the Fight Klub page
  • Discord improvements: type !readytoplay to be added to the pool or !letsplay to autochallenge
  • Challenge pool now appears on the landing page and on the Fight Klub main page
  • Challenge pool now checks for activity on both the website and in Discord
  • Challenge pool will notify a member if they are inactive and about to be removed
Fatal Friday
04/23/2021 08:00 PM EDT
Sunday School
04/25/2021 08:00 PM EDT
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