How do I submit a Kreation?
Simply visit the Kreations hub of Mortal Kombat Online and look for the submit work link. From there you will need to upload an eligible file type, such as jpeg or png (in the case of images), and provide some basic information before hitting submit.

What types of Kreations can I submit?
Kreations are more than just fan art! Mortal Kombat Online also welcomes images of cosplay, sculpture, baked goods, written fan-fiction, and even music compositions! You'll find all sorts of Kreations already submitted to our extensive archive!

What do I put in the different input fields?
Title represents the name of your Kreation. Description should be a short, basic sentence summarizing what it is. Remarks is where you can further explain the context of your work and the ideas behind it. File is where you select your upload.

I just submitted my Kreation but I cannot find it. Where is it?
New submissions must pass through a moderation process before being published to Mortal Kombt Online. If your kreation has not been approved within a reasonable timeframe, you may wish to contact a moderator or member of staff.

How can I Tag my Kreation?
Kreations will typically be Tagged for reference with basic relevant information, such as the characters depicted within. These are determined by a moderator or staff member. If your work has not been Tagged you may wish to lodge a polite request.

How can I share Kreations I like with friends?
Mortal Kombat Online strongly suggests using social media links provided, or sharing the relevant URL of your favorite Kreations. This ensures the author is properly credited for their work, and can receive more feedback and ratings.

Someone has stolen my artwork. What can I do?
You can report plagiarized kreations by clicking the report this flag beneath every published submission. The review process can be helped by using clear language and providing proof of authorship.

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