Throughout Mortal Kombat Online's illustrious history we've taken special care to curate and encourage the works of talented kommunity artists. It's been our goal to provide a dedicated space to support and feature Mortal Kombat artworks of a variety of types. Our archive stretches back decades, and contains thousands of pieces - some even featured in the games!

You can find, access, share, and discuss these works through the Kreations portal, Fan Kreations forum, or through specific artist's user profiles. We encourage you to like, rate, comment on, and share the works of your favourite artists to show your support.

Submitting kreations is as simple as uploading your work with a title and brief description.

Mortal Kombat Online currently processes all submissions for review before publication. This may incur a brief delay before your kreation appears on the forums and your profile. We thank you for your patience.

Submission Guidelines

Title indicates the name of your kreation. You should consider a descriptive title that gives some indication of what your work contains. You may wish to include a character name, or the name of your subject.

Description is a brief tag line for your work. You should keep this to one sentence, embellishing your title without going into detail.

Remarks is where you can explain your intent in more detail, or provide additional information about your work. You don't have to say anything, but you might like to include a paragraph to help the viewer understand the context of your work. You can also use the comments section to elaborate further.

File is where you will select your submission. This will be uploaded from your harddrive or storage to the MK Online Kreations archive. Kreations can currently be submitted as standard image files, audio, or text. The maximum accepted file size is 10MB.

    Accepted file types:
  • Images: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
  • Text: docx, txt, rtf, text
  • Audio: mp3, wav,flac

Following in a series of allows you to create a connected gallery of works by selecting a previous submission. This is applicable for a specific series of kreations, such as themed portraits. It isn't required and can be used at the artists discretion.

Kreation submissions could include original drawings, paintings, fan fiction, musical compositions, audio plays, photographs of cosplay or sculpture, sprite edits, and just about anything else you can imagine, or create.

All submissions must be your own original works.

Plagiarism is extremely frowned upon and will result in indefinite bans. Homages and works of collage should include appropriate credit in the remarks. Artists and users are encouraged to click the flag on submissions if they are concerned the kreation is stolen, or unsuitable for feature. This will submit the work for review. Do not submit kreations on an artist's behalf.

Depictions of violence in accordance with the Mortal Kombat video game series (such as fatalities) are acceptable, but may be published with a viewer content warning. Some graphic content may also be rejected on the grounds of gratuitous or extreme graphic depictions.

Sexually explicit material is generally frowned upon. Tasteful exceptions may be allowed with an appropriate viewer content warning. Pornographic images will be rejected and may incur a ban.

Please note that Kreations is not an all-purpose image hosting service and should only be used for creative works. Refer to User Settings to host an avatar or signature image.

Staff and moderators reserve the right to reject or remove images at their discretion.

Mortal Kombat Online aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for artists. Critique is acceptable, but we encourage everyone in the kommunity to participate with respect and consideration for fellow users. Refer to the Kommunity FAQ for matters of general conduct.

Privacy Policy
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