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In the year 2000, Threshold Entertainment began a series of live-action serialized fights they called Mortal Kombat: Federation of Martial Arts. Distributed on their original, the storylines of the series supported an interactive stock trading game and continued the plot of the major motion pictures. Featuring new and existing characters from the MK film universe, "FoMA" reimagined the tournament as an on-going league contested by multiple realms. Ahead of its time, this would become the first digitally distributed Mortal Kombat series - a decade before MK: Legacy.

Federation of Martial Arts began September 2000, before finally petering out around April 2001. A lack of online content saw the effective end of the stock trading game and community. 15 original FoMA fights were released before conclusion, each round available from Friday to Sunday. Select battles from Threshold's other MK movies and television were repackaged for the FoMA format. The outcome of each battle, as well as share trading by members of the site, determined the value of stocks in each fighter.

Grand designs for a broadcast television version were announced in March, 2000. Intended as replacement programming for UPN Entertainment's concluding Star Trek: Voyager; "FoMA" was expected to capitalize on the massive popularity of professional wrestling - WWF: Smackdown the network's highest rated programme at the time. The FoMA format mirrored pro wrestling with scripted live-action fights and serialized storylines. Characters and actors were drawn from Threshold's various projects, including Mortal Kombat: Conquest - the moderately successful live-action prequel series that ran from 1998-99 for a single series. [Initial reports of MK's return to television sparked rumors of Conquest's return. The show was never renewed.]

FoMA's basic plot continued after the events of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, where Shao Kahn and the forces of Outworld had invaded Earthrealm. The Council of Elder Gods oversaw the Federation as a new means of formalizing the competition of several hostile realms. Competing fighters represented: Earthrealm, the newly restored Edenia, the remnants of Outworld, Zaterra, Netherrealm, and an unnamed realm of hive-breeding female warriors ruled by Queen Vorpax.

Special thanks to gorostilllives, ded_psychosonik & Mick-Lucifer for archived material and information.

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