The folks who brought us the live action video game parody Press Start, which was released on DVD in September 2007, are continuing their cartoon shorts "Bonus Levels" with a series that will be available for mobile phones in Early 2008. From the web site:
It's a new animated videogame parody series based on the live-action movie Press Start. A ragtag bunch of adventurers is the videogame world's last ray of hope against an insecure sorcerer and his villainous friends!

Press Start Adventures also features videogame voice actors from series like
Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Castlevania. Plus music by Contra 4 game composer Jake Kaufman.

Each episode will be 2-3 minutes long. The first 14 episodes will be edited versions of the existing "Bonus Levels" cartoons, with 10 new episodes to be released which take place after the events of the movie.

To read the entire article on IGN, click here. To visit the Press Start Adventures website, click here.