News Archive - March, 2002
Midway Releases New Sub-Zero Image.
Midway has released another image of Sub-Zero, this time directly to the fan sites! This drawing, partially seen in the Game Informer article, shows Sub-Zero in an alternate costume, this time more akin to his Lin Kuei uniform. The question now becomes, "What will the female Sub-Zero look like...?"

New Images at MK:DA site: Sub-Zero and Jax!
The official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website has updated with two new images. The first one shows a rendering of Jax as he will appear in the game. (The new look is a far cry from the look he sported when we first saw his picture with Scorpion.) The second is a drawing of Sub-Zero in a variation of his MK3 costume previously seen in the Game Informer magazine.


Moloch Revealed at MK:DA Website!
The official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website has updated with an image of one of the new kombatants: Moloch, the ONI-Destroyer. This is the first non-humanoid character we have seen in the game thus far. No mention of this character has been made before; with Drahmin being the ONI-Tormentor, one has to wonder the relationship between the two, and what part they play in the coming conflict...

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Our Stance on Posting the Game Informer Article
In the past couple of weeks we have received several emails asking us either to post links or scans from the recent issue of Game Informer magazine featuring Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, or offering to provide such links. We have not made such things public so far, and at this time I would like to explain why we have not.

When we got our copy of the cover from that issue of Game Informer from their staff, it was under the agreement that we would not post scans or images from the published article. Even if it we were not kept from doing so from our agreement, it would be a violation of their copyright, and we would be in serious legal trouble. The smaller sites can get away with this, but a site the size of could get in more trouble than it would be worth. As far as the agreement goes... it may seem harsh that we agree to such things, but it is a reasonable request on their part (they have bills they need to pay, too), and such agreements are part and parcel of journalism. If we cannot honor our agreements, then they will not want to give us sneak peeks or possible exclusive material in the future. Also, such tactics inevitably will come back to haunt us, because if we are shown we can't keep our word, sites will think twice about making such agreements with us. Sad to say, politics and journalism go hand in hand.

So, we ask that you please respect our wishes, and not post any scans or images of the article to the forum. Any posts that do so or link to scans/images will be deleted. If you wish to see the article for yourselves, then please run down to your nearest bookstore or Gamestop (where I got mine) and pick up a copy, and help support those who made the article possible in the first place.

Thank you in advance...

New Scorpion Image from MK: DA
We have been sent an exclusive picture from the people at the official site of Scorpion that was sent out to a list of Mortal Kombat fan sites in appreciation for their hard work. Many Thanks!

Click on the thumbnail to your right to download the larger version.

Click to download back online after server problems!
Well, after almost a month of server problems and delays we are finally back up in full swing on our new host - Moving to a new home is a very agonizing task and we thank you all for your emails of support and concern as we made our move! Feel free to explore our site again in all of its profound glory. We are now built upon a stronger engine so problems arising with the site should be minimal. However problems still could arise- we are only mortal.

We have re-configured with a new user system that will now validate your email address. This helps spoofing or spam attacks on our forum. On another hand now you will be able to receive news alerts of whenever we update. Now what other MK site does that.. Well enough talk. Sign up now and hit our message board and let Mortal Kombat begin!

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