Longtime Mortal Kombat fans know that Noob.com is the long-time personal website of Mortal Kombat co-creator and team lead Ed Boon. Since mid-2002, the site has been inactive and empty, other than standard domain hosting pages. Recently, the site has become active in a sense. The site is currently empty, save for the words "noob.com". However, in the past few weeks, the noob.com has been changing in subtle ways. First it said "noob.com" in simple white letters. Then, it added an ellipsis made up of bronze periods. Now, the ellipsis is gone; however, the first "o" has been replaced with an image of Earth.

It's not known what Ed has planned for his website. As is typical, the site is something of an enigma. However, just in case, we'll be keeping an eye on the site. Ed Boon has been known to put MK news and media on his site; if he does, we'll report it here.

To see Ed's site (such as it is currently), click here.

Our thanks to forum members such as , , and for letting us know about this update!

Update – March 9, 2008 – ]{0MBAT here. Looks like another "o" has been replaced with a moon; and there is now a countdown on the site as well. It looks like something spectacular is going to happen by April 17, 2008!

Update – March 12, 2008 – ]{0MBAT again. It seems that the period has now been replaced by the dragon logo! There's still another "o" in the logo, who knows what'll happen next? The sun, maybe? Thanks to for this tidbit!

Update – March 15, 2008 – ]{0MBAT once again. Ed's still at it -- this time, beneath the Noob.com logo, appears the mysterious number: 238,868. This is printed with a line going from the Earth to the moon, indicating the actual distance from the Earth to the moon: 238,868 miles.

Update – March 22, 2008 – A few more updates to the site have been made. An image of a pair of eyes has been placed below the counter while above it now reads the word "Answers", presumably indicating the date represented by the end of the counter will give us more information. A "pulse" line has also been placed between the Earth and Moon images that represent the "O"s.

Update – March 24, 2008 – There are now pictures of animals on the bottom of his web page. Though seemingly random, there is a hidden message within. The animals listed are Rhinoceros, Armadillo, Gorilla, and Elephant. Astute followers will notice the hidden word rage, made up by the order these animals are presented in.

Update – April 1, 2008 – Thanks to many readers for pointing out the following couple of updates with NOOB.COM - there was an update with two sets of numbers "," which translates to "FREE KLOSE" when you convert the numbers to the corresponding letter of the alphabet. There is now a third set of numbers in the middle, "", which translates to "TOUCH" -- so, "FREE TOUCH KLOSE". Can we assume this means there will be hands-on playable version of the game at the next Midway Gamer's Day? There is also a notice, when you highlight all the text on the site, that says the following:

It is with deep regret that after over 20 years with Midway, I will be leaving as of today to pursue my dream of becoming a chef. I will never forget the incredible experience I've had with such an amazing group of talented people
One should consider the date when reading this.

Update – April 5, 2008 – The images of animals have now been removed from the site completely, as well as the numbers that were under them, and have been replaced with many rows of numbers. Using the previously mentioned method of converting the numbers into letters, it would appear this may be some sort of crossword puzzle. The words "teleport", "freeze", "spear" and many other terms which could relate to the Mortal Kombat franchise appear in the puzzle. However, this is all still speculation as nothing concrete has truly been revealed.