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Funny or Die Feature Mortal Kombat X Coverage - 17 Parody Features

If you've been anywhere on the internet the last couple of days - chances are you've run into Mortal Kombat X! The announcement trailer reveal was an instant worldwide phenomenon, entrenching MK firmly back in the mind of gaming and pop culture outlets!

Not wanting to be left behind: Comedy website Funny or Die have launched their own coverage for the 2015 fighter, and they've uncovered some incredible revelations! Their 17 Features of the New 'Mortal Kombat X' Game illuminates details we didn't even consider in our extensive reveal trailer breakdown -- check out some of our favourites below:

  • Now when you hear “FINISH HIM,” your opponent’s family enters so you can look them all in the eye first.
  • Due to global warming, Sub-Zero now just hurls lukewarm water at people.
  • New “Blogalities” let you finish off an opponent with a strongly worded Tumblr post.
  • Uptempo bossa nova score.
  • New characters include Spyke, a demon trapped in a cyborg body, and Gary, a terrified, sobbing man begging for mercy.
  • An empathetic Scorpion demands heartbroken players “Get Over Her.”
  • Cutscene after cutscene of characters recalling the time they met Batman.
  • Johnny Cage is now Johnathan Cage. He’s an adult now.
  • Extra-gruesome “football mode” lets characters join the NFL then tracks their cognitive degeneration over the next few decades.
  • After 22 years, someone finally catches that typo in the title.

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