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MKX Premier Towers Made Holidays Hostile!

Happy new year! Fans who logged into Mortal Kombat X over the holiday break were treated to seasons beatings from their favourite fighting game via two new seasonal Premier Towers!

Update Textures Tease Mortal Kombat X Seasonal Towers

Pumpkins, turkeys, nicely wrapped presents, gingerbread men, sweet nothings, and spooky rabbits? It can only mean a calendar of deadly Test Your Luck modifiers coming to Mortal Kombat X!

MKX DLC: July 4th Special Tower Salutes Special Forces

The fireworks literally flew in Mortal Kombat X this week, celebrating America's Independence Day with a sparkling Light Up The Sky Premier Tower! If you completed the event, the US Special Forces will have saluted your efforts in a special unlockable kombat kard pack of background, border and icons!

Mortal Kombat X Premier Tower Features Klassic Secret

Fans looking for an opportunity to unlock the Keep It Secret achievement have their first shot with the latest Premier Tower! The Mortal Kombat inspired Tower delivers a klasically inspired stack of fighters with the most classic secret opponent of them all: Reptile!

For fans struggling with the challenge: Kotaku has provided a guide that's all together simpler than the original method to face the hidden warrior!

Simply select the Premier Living Tower. Ensure you win your sixth match with a Flawless Victory, and finish your opponent with either a Fatality or Brutality. If done correctly - this should reveal the secret fighter!

Those hoping to be completely immersed in the nostalgia of the original may want to set their expectations to low. Reptile appears exactly as he does in Mortal Kombat X, much like all the fighters found in the MK1 Premier Tower. With free UMK3 Klassic Sub-Zero just released, and more klassic skins coming in The Kombat Pack - the attention to detail may change in future Premier Towers! Sources claim more klassic themed towers will come, featuring MKII, MK3 & MK4 themes.

MKX: IGN Living Tower Preview Theories - Cyrax, Rain, Jade

IGN are getting into the spirit of speculation following a special preview of Mortal Kombat X. The Next Trailer finally offered everyone a full preview of dynamic online features coming in 2015: Faction War and Living Tower sparking a firestorm of character spotting and fan curiosity! With hands-on experience, IGN report chances for two more fan-favourite characters: Cyrax & Rain:

In the newly announced Living Towers mode, which adds unique gameplay modifiers to standard matches, both Cyrax and Rain had mods named after them. More significantly, these mods involved fully modeled graphical assets related to each of them: Cyrax's trademark bombs, and Rain's water-bubble attack.

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