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Mortal Kurio: Rob Van Dam - Defender of Earthrealm?

Garish colourful costumes, trademark fighting manoeuvres, good versus evil, and a World Championship hanging in the balance. It's difficult to know if we're describing Mortal Kombat, or the wild world of professional wrestling!

In an interview with Wrestle Talk TV; recently returned WWE superstar Rob Van Dam revealed his close calls with a Mortal Kombat inspired wrestling gimmick in the mid-nineties. Fans of the now defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW) may remember the resulting Glacier character [pictured top].

"I've had some offers that didn't sound too appealing. When I was in ECW defending the television title, I had an offer from WCW, but they wanted to turn me into a Mortal Kombat character. [...] Even after they made Glacier, they said 'it's okay. We're gonna make a whole bunch of them. We're gonna make a big group of Mortal Kombat guys, and you'll have mask.'"

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