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Guide: Komplete Mortal Kombat X Brutality List

In Mortal Kombat X, finishing moves were brought into the final round with a brilliant reinventing of the Brutality! No longer just a furious flurry of fast flung fists - the moves are the ultimate coup de grace, transitioning directly from fight to fatality with devastating efficiency.

Brutalities challenge players to meet a variety of stipulations, ranging from the trivial - to the teeth grindingly specific. Some brutalities are arena based, character based, and some are completely hidden from players. Know how to finish your matches in style with a guide to all known brutalities.

Prima Games: No Official Strategy Guide for Mortal Kombat X

Prima Games have been a constant of the Mortal Kombat release cycle, printing official strategy guides from the misty days of the arcade, right through to the last game: Mortal Kombat (2011).

Sadly, the tradition of official printed strategy guides looks like it will break with the release of Mortal Kombat X. Prima Games has confirmed they do not have the rights to print a guide for the latest title, but "certainly would if we could."

Prima's 2011 strategy guide was marred by errors, but the publisher offered a make good to customers in the form of unique correction cards for each character -- themselves a collectible item.

Past Prima guides have included character bios, artwork and trivia, along with the usual content of combos, strategies and secret inputs. It's a double blow for collectors of printed material - some fans disappointed by Warner Brothers' decision to omit an Art Book from this game's Kollector's Editions.

More on the MK Shaolin Monks Strategy Guide
Over at you can now pre-order the strategy guide to MK: Shaolin Monks. They've got it listed for $11.55 and they have the release date listed as September 27, 2005. As mentioned in a previous update here, the strategy guide by Prima will include a free CD. Check out the cover:
To check out the whole pre-order page, click here. Thanks a lot to MK Online forum/chat guy DECEPTION for the word on this update!

Update: An even better version of the cover can be found here, thanks to MK Online chatter/forum poster fraysol for this part of the update!
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