Chronological narrative of MKDA and MKD
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Chronological narrative of MKDA and MKD
03/24/2013 02:23 AM EDT
The purpose of this thread is to retell all the events that happened during those games because usually people who I talk to,they get to mess the events' order,particularly if they happened before or after each other. I am sure if I made mistakes,you guys can correct me and I will be editing the first post so it stays true to the narrative. If there were a thread like this before,then I apologize because I didn't notice.

Pre MKDA events:

- - - - Sub-Zero returns to Lin Kuei temple and sneak into Grandmaster's Chamber only to witness Sektor to have killed Grandmaster and wishing to claim Dragon Medallion,which automatically gives you leader role in Lin Kuei clan. The two fight,and Sub-Zero emerges victorious. He gets the Dragon Medallion,which increases his freezing powers and making him very powerful,but not without the price,as the Medallion drains his life force and makes him look very old with some grey hair visible. Sub-Zero decides to reform clan for the force of good and move it to a new place. After some time searching,he discovers Delia's (Taven's mother) abandoned temple in Arctic and relocates his clan there,away from prying eyes so they can concentrate on their training and become warriors of good,not assassins as their predecessors. Sektor,meanwhile,flees from the scene and forms his own clan of cyberninjas known as Tekunin in Japan and not heard of before MK Armageddon.

- - - - Since MK4's ending,Scorpion chases Quan Chi throughout Netherrealm's 5th plane,as the spectre becomes stronger being in this realm,and especially this deep into it. Quan Chi,while being tortured by Scorpion,happens upon Drahmin and Moloch and offer them to escape Netherrealm if they help him to get rid of the spectre. They agree and chase the ninja off.

Then Drahmin reveals to Quan Chi the mystical place within 5th plane with ancient runestones and tablets that were created long time ago,possibly during the creation of the realms. The runestones resembled the Shinnok's Amulet and contained information regarding of new ways of using it,specifically how to open portals to another realms.

By this time,Scorpion catches up to them,and while he fights with Onis,Quan Chi opens a portal and escapes to Outworld,while Scorpion follows him,but ends up somewhere else in Outworld,swearing to find and slay the sorcerer. The Onis ,enraged that Quan Chi left and betrayed them,swore to have his head as well and followed Quan Chi and Scorpion into the portal and ended up in another place in Outworld as well. Some time later,Sareena,in her DEMON form,discovers this portal as well,since she was banished to the 5th plane in Mortal Kombat Mythologies,and goes through it,escaping to Outworld. Throughout the time,she is able to regain her human form by absorbing Outworld's energy.

Quan Chi ended up in the tomb that contained mummified army of the deceased Dragon King. On the sarcophagus,there were writings describing that this army is undead and can't be killed,and whoever who controlled this army would rule the realms. The only thing needed was to transport the souls of warriors into this mummies,the ability Quan Chi didn't possess,so he decided to seek out another sorcerer who could do it: Shang Tsung.

- - - - Meanwhile, Princess Kitana allied herself and Edenian troops with Prince Goro and the Shokan army to get rid of the remaining armies of Shao Kahn led by Kano and defeat once and for all the weakened Emperor. Even though Kitana's troops were advancing and almost victorious,Kano proved to be a strategist and excellent general,and because of that Kitana and Goro couldn't breach Kano's defenses.

- - - - Shao Kahn gives a task to Noob Saibot,who returned to serve the Emperor after the fall of Shinnok and already eliminated a lot of enemies for him,to kill Goro in a sneak attack in the upcoming battle. At the same time, the Emperor disappears to the underground and leaves a clone of his in his fortress,fearing his end might come soon.

- - - - At the same time,Sonya Blade and her team of Outerworld Investigation Agents are destroying all remaining inter-dimensional portals to Earthrealm because of events of MK3 and MK4 so the morther Earth doesn't get invaded again,while Jax is operating at the base: heavily guarded underground facility that creates portals scientifically and sends scout agents all over the realms to have intel and be prepared. One of OIA's agent is Cyrax,who was sent to Outworld for scouting.

More to come,I am going to update this later.
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RE: Chronological narrative of MKDA and MKD
06/04/2013 06:11 AM EDT
The Tekunin was actually heard of before MK Armageddon; that detail was first given to us in MK: Tournament Edition for GBA.
Looking forward to seeing an update on this, especially when Subby encounters Frost and is later betrayed by her.

For the most in-depth, in-detail, Mortal Kombat lore analysis vids, there's only one source:

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