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01/02/2016 10:32 PM EST
I loved Deception's Konquest and was utterly let down by Armageddon's. I loved growing in-universe with Shujinko, even if some of the ages made absolutely no sense. I didn't really care for the beat-em-up style they tried to create with Armageddon. It seemed like they wanted to cram Shaolin Monks into Armageddon, but when things started to get pressed they half-assed the whole thing.

I loved the freedom of going between the realms and getting to explore the MK Universe. Sadly, that's something I doubt we'll ever get to do again.
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RE: Konquest
06/16/2016 05:25 AM EST
The thing i miss most about Konquest (DA and D) is that it essentially was the story mode, but I was interacting all the time, and it taught me how to use the characters' combos & moves.

Story mode from MKvsDC onwards scrapped the teaching altogether, which is a huge loss (especially for MKX where the fighting engine has SO MUCH complexity) and the cutscenes have little to no interaction. The QTEs in MKX have no bearing on the plot or even the upcoming fight like they did with Injustice.

Bizarrely, MKX's krypt was in a way more similar to the old konquest modes than the story.

Finally, the story mode doesn't cover every character. There are 12 chapters, that's it. Konquest allowed us to try EVERYONE and learn the backstories & adventures from their perspectives. (DA did this best, even if it was just with text.)
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RE: Konquest
07/06/2016 05:22 AM EST
I totally agree with you, coltess. Hopefully for the next Mortal Kombat again bet on a story mode sandbox with a touch of RPG, as in the Konquest mode of Deception. They need to change the current mode style story to surprise again.
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