Missing Klassic Mortal Kombat websites Kontent
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Missing Klassic Mortal Kombat websites Kontent
07/08/2016 01:40 AM EST

Since English is not my native lanuage, I'd like to apologise for my possible mistakes first of all .

I have few questions to about some Mortal Kombat 4 website (mk4.com) original videos / pictures staff :

Since this site doesn't work anymore (archieved pages are not komplete too) and dowload links from "Gallery" section / few pictures from MK4 / MKG Kharacters are not longer available, I'm wondering, does Someone have original archives / video files or know place where it is possible to find?

My long searches via Web / forums gave me no results and if It is possible, I kindly ask You for providing this staff / help to findout info about listed below pictures.

I need these things, because I have some restoration plans (some sort of interactive offline close to original pages...)

Videos list (original name in brackets):
Behind the Scenes of MK4 (length: 0:26) (behind.zip)
Interview with Ed Boon (length 0:28) (edboon.zip)
Interview with Neil Nicastro, President of Midway Games (length 0:16) (neil.zip)
The MK4 Tour Truck (length 0:18) (truck.zip)
The MK4 cabinet in 3D (length 0:16) (mk4cab.zip)
Mortal Kombat 4 Preview #1 Low-Res (mk4_lo.zip) Hi-Res (mk4_hi.zip)

Pictures list:
mkglegal.gif (339px x 20px) from MKG kharacters pages / may be Legal notices?
egmB_oct97.JPG (320px x 453px) from Raiden page / magazine cover if I not mistaken
re_l.gif (37px x 52px) from Reiko page / I have no idea what this picture is, but it stand in graph "Affiliation: Kia and Sareena"
rev2.gif (151px x 33px) - "REVISION 2"

Thanks in advance for Your reply!

Sincerely, Yevgenich!
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