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02/17/2003 11:39 PM EST
(Tentative Title)

Well this is my MK6 , MK7 , MK8 but mainly MK6 wishlist so don't laugh ok? I'll be adding things to it constantly. I admit I dunno that much about the fine deatails of the mortal kombat universe but here goes.

Some of this stuff has been already thought of by some of you guys like the Mist character and also some stuff is just bullshit I made up so cut me some slack and post me constructive criticism ok? A lot of these ideas are mine , though I just scribbled down ideas that came to me. Thanks guys/gals.

Also if something doesn't make sense Tough!....lol smile


Continue the deadly alliance storyline and obviously make the Dragon King the final boss! Now that his army of invincible undead samurai warriors are resurrected. Shang Tsung and Quan-Chi have a falling out and battle one another to see who is the one who should take all the power and rule outworld , but with the rebirth of the almighty Dragon King who sees the 2 sorcerers as a potential threat and realises that together they posess great power! and could possibly defeat him , he sets a series of events in motion (more to come)

Vast armies all over the realms are mobilised for the most decisive and brutal battles that the gods have ever seen! Reiko has mobilised his forces! The Dragon King has a massed his vast undead soldiers! In fact the elder gods themselves are forced to take part in the fght in the mortal realm this time and we once again see Shinnok return, but he has his own plans and the apparent death of his son (Kahn) has enraged him to the point of trying to destroy the other gods and take It over.It will be a clash of the titans indeed ..... more to come

Plots and Sub-plots in the story

1. Dragon King is resurrected and begins to take kontrol of Outworld

2. Shang Tsung and Quan-Chi's uneasy alliance is faultering and may come to a bloody end

3. Earthrealm prepares for their greatest challenge yet!

4. Baraka and Mileena mobilise their forces in the outworld desert

5. Master Subzero and and the newly reformed Lin-Kieu clan prepare for the out world invasions

6. Major Jax , Sargeant Major Sonya and new ally Cyrax lead assault team on dangerous mission to assess the situation surrounding the rebirth of the Dragon King.

7. Elder gods in konflict as Shinnok goes mad (again) and destoys some of the elder gods then he returns to earth to wreak his own kind of havoc for the apparent death of Kahn.

8. Lord Raiden is called upon once again to help protect the Earth realm from this new menace.

9.Kung Lao and Vomit boy (bo rai chuk) train more warriors for the battles ahead

10.Liu-Kang , once earths champion is now living as an evil spirit in an as yet unnamed shaolin warrior , he now seeks to destroy all the good he once did. (messy) plots to kill Kung Lao and company.( very messy) and assasinate the princess Kitana (shit!)

Thats all I can think of at the moment........Pheeewwww!!!


And lots of em! (I just can't get enough of MK)

Returning Characters ( I've missed lots so shut up ok I haven't finished)

Cyrax - Can anyone say plasma net? and I miss his teleport looked kool , I miss that too.

Kung Lao - Make his hat throw guidable please and I miss his topspin!

Subzero - Lin Kieu Master who possess the ultimate power of ice! He can now throw ice bombs like in his fatality in MK2 , remember?

Scorpion - Can now throw fireballs (like early MK:DA version) like Blaze and can teleport as well as throw opponents midair.When he summons hellfire you can now see hundreds of tiny hellspawn in the flames , his giant flaming hand fatality of old is now a special move.(yes I know he's dead too , but he's a spectre)

Kintaro - Sorry guys I had to do it! You just can't keep a good Shokan down. Kintaro was thought to have been banished by Shang Tsung after his miserable defeat at the hands of Liu Kang , however Kintaro rejoined his own clan and contemplated his future having mended his wounds and learnt of the Oni-Warrior Moloch he is now enraged that he has been replaced by this super demon monstrosity! And now seeks to confront Moloch! Although Kintaro's immense size and power are well known he will have to be careful , Moloch is a force to be reckoned with and could quite possibly kill the mighty shokan warrior. (more to come)

Mountain - Ok this is the name i've given to the huge drummer guy in MK:DA. He finally makes his fighting debut in the next tournament.Unlike the rumours in MK:DA you can fight him him if you do get a draw match , he then steps in and if you beat him he becomes playable. Preferred weapons - Drumsticks and a real bad attitude!

Fujin - Kool guy he may or may not return . he had some very kool moves , loved the double knee strike.

Kitana - The Edenian princess once again is caught up in the struggle for freedom ,now the greatest threat ever which threatens Edenia as well , the Dragon King is loose and he is not happy , all who oppose him will die! By the way The Dragon King is way more formidable than Shao-Kahn ever was , sorry Kahn there's a new guy (old guy) on the block and he doesn' like sharing his realms.

Ermac - The crimson clad eater of human souls has returned finally , this time around Ermac has a new master Lord Reiko. Upon returning to the temple of Kahn , Ermac is shocked to learn that the warlord is dead! He must find a worthy master with whom to provide his great ninja skills and that is Lord Reiko. An uneasy alliance is formed between the 2 and Ermacs first mission is to travel to earth realm to spy on the situation there.Earthrealms greatest warriors are grouping for the fight of their life! Not only the DK but also Reiko.

Jax - Having his arms enhanced even more Jax now has the ability to throw grenades and plant mines during kombat as well as his trusty machine gun. Jax is a more powerful opponent than ever but technology is taking it's toll. He can now shoot down airborn enemies with built in mini-antiaircraft guns (Shit!)

Sonya - Now promoted to Sargeant major and has her own highlty trained squad, she now has an arsenal of throwing knives in her belt which can be thrown and picked up during kombat.She also has her leg grab back and she has a groin punch now (ouch!)

Mokap - Please! no more christmas lights! I beg you Boon......

Frost - The female ice warrior returns somewhat weaker than before but stronger in spirit.she has much untapped potential , but master Subzero is her teacher and he will realise her full potential soon enough.

Jade - For gods sake leave her out of any future MK's "PLEASE BOON"
I'm sure people will sleep better if she stays out of it.....lol
What's a good way to end Jade??? of course have her trampled to death by some of Motaros clan!

Rain - If only , it's stinking hot here! ...... LOL..... I reckon bring back the purple ninja! Shit yeh! The very popular Rain is back and hes' pissed! he wants Kahns blood! Whoops too late..
So Rain being the resourceful ninja that he is seeks a new purpose in life besides being dead and he journeys to ..... more to come

Reptile - Ahmmm ??????
He could be the new sub-boss.He is evolving into a monstrous dragon but one bad thing , that would make him unplayable , nah bad idea....

Tanya - Nice ass but please don't bring her back , nice ass , didn't sonya kill this bitch? nice ass.She was tracherous! Did I say she's got a nice ass???

Nightwolf - The master of Spiritual energy returns to the call of this new threat , leaving the reserve after many yearsof peace , he is more powerful than ever before , he can not only reflect enemy projectiles but can use his opponents energy against them and double it's power.

Smoke - Now a Borg like Reincarnation who has been experimented on by the Dragon Kings sminions in order to make him an even deadlier ninja warrior and to use him to once again destroy Subzero and his apprentice Frost .This new Smoke is more lethal than ever now havng the ability to shoot more than one barbed harpoon at a time and can put up a smoke shield which if touched by any enemy will cause temporary blindness and paralysis! Invisibility rounds out his arsenal.

Lord Reiko - Reiko has been in hiding since the last tournament and during that time he has watched events in the earth realm and outworld , now he's the leader of an enormous legion of highly trained warriors (not invincible) who have been brainwashed by Reiko to wreak havoc on both realms , a confrontation between him and the Dragon King is Inevitable!

Khameleon (female and male) these 2 ninjas are lightning quick assasins who now work for the Dragon King. They are put into service for their new master by completing a dangerous task , they must assasinate the 2 sorcerers and eliminate this deadly alliance so the Dragon King can once again rule supreme over out world.

Stryker - NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO .............. smile
Sorry Stryker fans (if there are any?) This cop as we know returned to active duty after the 3rd tournament and he has no immediate plans on re-entering the fight no matter how bad.Most people only like him for his gun popup combo anyway , I know I do....

Baraka - Baraka once again enters the fight for his own ends (I know he got blown up but hey this is a videogame so I can do what I like ok?), this time around he and his mistress Mileena (the bitch is back) try to form their own alliance in the titanic struggle for absolute power in outworld , a force to be reckoned with he is also aided by a long lost clan member (female nomadic warrior) and a huge army of vicious piranha teethed nomad warriors who have a taste for human flesh (mmmm yummy)

Shao-Kahn - As a hidden character you can fight him but not use him (Damn!) After the unexpected attack by the new sorcerers alliance Kahn though strong was no match for their onslaught! Kahn was dealt with swiftly and mercilessly, but was he? Later Kahns bloodied battle helmet is found by a wandering undead warrior who takes it to his master. Guess who? The DragonKing , upon recieving this interesting piece the Dragon King decides to send out hunting parties to determine if the owner of this helmet is truly dead or maybe alive.A possible alliance here maybe..... more to come.

Kano - Yeh gday mate! (aussie lingo) Yep Kano's gonna be back , I mean is this guy greedy or what? he wants his cake and he want s to eat it too. Kano is one character who had the most special moves in previous MK's now he's got only 2! LAME LAME LAME . . .

Noob Saibot - Nope he aint comming back! he's gone back to the shadow realm from where he came and he's not comming back ever , true! He's found a nice little shadow realm female to settle down with (ooh yeh) He might come back in the 7th tournament smile If he does return I hope he has his shadow throw

But anyways if he does return his soul could be in another warriors! Hence an evil Liu-Kang (evil Ryu anyone)

Kabal - Found dead in the out world desert by Mavado .His mask and armour smashed and his guts spilled to an unknown attacker, a tragic end for this great warrior! Kabal having been a new and powerful ally to the Earth realm has fallen forever.All that reminds us of him now is his hook swords which are now wielded by Mavado ,Kabal will forever live on in the memories of his few closest allies.

New Characters

Dairou - Male samurai warrior highly trained in the ways of the samurai.

Female Baraka - Female rogue warrior

The 3rd Oni-warrior - Unnamed at this point but as big as Moloch.One idea I have gotten from watching Moloch is the chains that hang off him , obviously at one stage he was chained up so an interesting sub-boss would be 2 of these bastards chained together! Now that would be tough.

Kensou - Closely related to the red ninja called "Ketchup" a very saucy ninja.

A totally new Shokan warrior - This guy puts goro and Kintaro to shame! A hulking killing machine with a difference , this guy preys on other Shokan and kills them!

Mist - Totally shrouded in mystery and legend this Female warrior was thought to be a ghost until stumbled upon by shaolin monks on a long pilgrimage.Nothing is known about Mist except that she is in no way related to The Female ninja Frost. An extremely lonely and tragic warrior who is in search of her true identity.Mist is neutral but must one day choose a side to fight for but for now she wonders the living forest and stays away from all that would harm her.

Skarlet - Earth realm ninja thought to be dead after the last great mortal kombat tournament.An elusive and cunning female warrior Scarlet was thought once to be Jades long lost sister but for years noone has seen her , it's like she disappeared into thin air! She owes allegiance to noone and is her own master , she is also a weapons expert especially with the katana.

Crimson - Male ninja who was once friends with subzero as a child but a tragic accident sperated them and he was thought to have been killed , this somewhat strange individual has the uncanny ability to see the future ,but only the immediate future (very handy in a combat situation) imagine fighting a ninja who knows your every move even before you do it? Bad!

Spectre - A proto-type new cyberninja (I know everyone hates robots but technology comes into the story you know) This new cyberninja was built as a contingency against the newly rebulit Smoke! This powerful new cyberninja boasts impressive skills , Invisibitiy , instant teleportation (yes like in star trek) An expert with swords for combat and deadly defences like a plasma like shield and ..............he has a taste for twinkys

Ed Boon - Little is known about this earthrealm warrior except the fact that he eats gummy bears by the thousands - Prefered martial arts style - Ekky Thump , prefered weapon - black pudding sausage! Status - Super Secret Character.


Ok I know this is an issue lots of people are interested in so here goes....

4 fatalitys/character - This could include 2 brand new never seen fatalites per player + 2 old favourite fatalitys redone with new graphics - for example Shang Tsungs Kintaro morph smash and bash fatality. Bring back the fatality stance great idea IMO.

A prime example would be Quan-Chi's leg bash from MK4/gold but this time around he would rip your spine and skull out (yes just like subby) then holding the end of the spine and skull bash the headless corpse to a pulp with it! sick I know...

This time around give Shang Tsung the ability to morph and since Quan-Chi is a sorcerer too give him the morphing ability as well. I want replays on fatalitys too and I want to be able to zoom in and out like in Soul Calibur at the end of fights.

At least 1 weapon related fatality/character - I call it butcher your opponent (brutality if you like) very bloody like raw meat sushi! How about calling it weapon brutality? these would be particularly gory! Also when doing a weapon fatality you change into "weapon fatality stance" first

Pits!!! - Oh yeah bring them back! they are a big yes please (more to come here)

Double Fatalitys - Do a regular fatality then do a stage fatality - double whammy!

Boss Fatalitys - Maybe , it would be kool to see the computer controlled bosses ans sub-bosses perform finishers of their own.As for doing fatalitys on bosses/sub-bosses? nope.

Weapons - This time around your character can select any weapon in the game but has a default weapon - Example - Subzero/Kori-Blade. And to earn the right to wield other characters weapons you must first defeat that character in Konquest mode - one on one kombat and then you can use their weapon. Much like in Soul Calibur there is a weapons gallery too where you can gloat over your aquired weapons and view them in detail.Maybe even cutomize them too.

Weapons kontinued - To impale or not to impale? that is the question.Well I like the idea of impaling your opponent and letting them bleed to death , Nice aren't I? Well why not go one step further? Make it so you can retrieve you weapon and then stab them again , makes sense to me.

Martial Arts - Yep! bring em back I like em and make most styles available to every character, imagine Subzero using Reptiles crab style? ...... LOL.

Krypt 2

Smaller more concise multi-level Krypt with no more bullshit like empty koffins! Every koffin has a special reward but the catch is they are more expensive to buy! Also as a special secret have certain koffins that disappear and reappear each time you enter the krypt thus making it more challenging to find and open these ones. All the old school MK fighting games hidden in the Krypt 2 (I know that's a big must have)

A new Konquest mode

Much more in depth konquest mode where you not only have lots more trials to complete , about 30/plare but you learn every aspect of you fighter and their history (family tree if you like) Everything will be learnt here from single hit moves to 20+ hit combos even fatalites are taught here (how kool) but only after you've umlocked them.


I know 50% of you will say yes and 50% will say no , but I want FMV endings! I know it's a lot of work (and friggin time consuming , not to mention expensive) but I really enjoyed the FMV endings of MK4/gold. It's like you get a reward at the end of the game for all your hard work. I like the storyboards with the voice over too as seen in MK:DA so maybe a combination of the 2 ending styles , like in tekken 4 (hmm tekken again)

Another thing with endings you can get a good or bad rank depending on how many flawless victories / finishers and big combos you pulled off during arcade mode as well as earn good kurrency. For example if you finish the game having done no fatalities you get ranked very low , as well if you finish the game having done lots of great combos you get a fair rank.To get the best rank you must do all of the following (this is good because it makes you learn all aspects of the game)

1. You must do a finisher against every opponent

2. You must pull off bigger and better combos

3. Flawless victories - can give you huge kurrency rewards but aren't necessary to an overall good score.They are a bonus and if done only once or twice you will get lots of kurrency and it will help towards your final rank.

4. This is the big one , you must defeat the Dragon King without being cheesy.This will get you an awesome rank in itself.

DVD kontent

Making of MK6 - Very in depth making documantary of the new game , but only unlocable after you complete every characters ending - Running time 60 mins approx

Blooper reel - all the funny stuff , anyone remember the outtakes in Moratl Komabat Mythologies? - Running time 30 mins approx

Mortal Kombat History Pt II - More in depth behind the scenes of older MK titles explaining and showing all the ideas which never made it into an MK game - Running time 45 mins approx

DVD Rom content - more extras here

Mortal Kombat kard game - Yes the kard game , maybe this could be playabe in Vs mode too?

Gallery - But with a twist , this time you have full rotaing 3D models of all the characters which you can zoom in and out , sipn around and study them.

Isolated music score - How many people love the music from the MK universe but how many get to hear it? Sit back and listen to all the MK music from MK1-MK6.

Ad campaigns - ???

Blood level
Anyone seen Shoguns assasin? I want blood extreme people and retain the options to tone the blood down for those days you feel sqeamish!

Special moves that should be brought back

Reptile - Forceballs fast and slow , short and long acid spit , spiked ball , predator style cloak , Slide (oh yeh!) also for something very different he can bite you and regain some of his energy , of course you loose some too smile

Jax - Ground pound , gotcha grap,dash punch , back breaker (hell I miss this move)

Kitana - A real kiss move (like her Mk2 fatality) make her fans guidable? nah but how about making her able to throw her fans flat face parrallel to the ground?

Kano - I liked his knife throw and his blade swipe.What about if he can impale your head with a blade? Now that would be gruesome indeed.

Raiden - One word "Teleport"

Much Much Much more special moves to come here!!!

Game engine

Same as MK:DA but enhanced and tweaked even further for the new consoles as well.
Like PS3 / X-box 2 / Nintendo Nexus (prototype name)

I know people want this so here it is "ONLINE CAPABILITY" fight anyone from around the world now how kool would that be??? Gamble all your hard earned kurrency with a total stranger and watch how quick your balance grows or disappears!

Sound options

Dolby Digitital 5.1


SDDS - (I know i'm pushing it)

Mono - boring but not everyone has surround (or do they)

Ntsc and Pal versions

Hopefully there will be a worldwide release or close to it. I'm sick of this 3-6 mths waiting gap. It sux bigtime.


Bring back classic stages - like the living forest and the dead pool as well as the some of the most poplular stages form all of the MK games - This adds up to lots of stages about 30 +

No barriers whatsoever / Ringouts - If you can knock your opponent off the edge of a cliff stage for example before the finish him/her prompt then make it possible. But ringouts can be only done by performing a combo otherwise it would get annoying to your opponent to constantly get ring outs!

Multi-level stages - like in MK3 and also make it possible to knock your opponents though walls too and into shallow pools like ponds etc etc.

Also have stages that are not level , for example you could be fighting on the slope of a mountain or on a beach covered in steep dunes (remember virtua fighter 3?) Or how about on a long and winding staircase?

All arenas have interactive backgrounds where you can pick up things like for example - your fighting in the PIT 6 (like the pit 1) level and all the corpses of fallen warriors lay scattered everywhere , well why not be able to pick up one of their weapons and use it? Another thing comes to mind here - multiple impalements but only on levels where more than one weapon is available to pick up.

Run Button - Hmmmmm .... yes or no? Vote on this I think , but I can safely say the run button is gone forever.

Select screen

Like in MK:DA but you can pick from 4 globes. I like the old idea of pressing start and the old destiny towers turned to reveal your kombatants , maybe this idea can be worked into the globe destiny style?

Globe 1 - Apprentice - Easy destiny here where most of your adversaries are lenient on you and the first really challenging battle is the first sub-boss!

Globe 2 - Medium - (chosen by most mortal kombatants)

Globe 2 - Warrior (great fighter who's proficient in all skills)

Globe 3 - Master warrior (only the best dare choose this destiny)

Also something else i've been thinking about too , you can pick from 3-5 alignments as follows

1.Outworld - Evil

2.Eatrhrealm - Good

3 Neutral - For example Scorpion , if you pick him you will fight mostly players from the first 2 realms. Not sure on this , have to give it more thought. While we are on the subject of

4.Edenia - Good

5.Shadow Realm - Evil

Fight Roster

"Typical Battle Lineup"

Fight 1-

Fight 2

Fight 3

Mini-Game - Any

Fight 5

Fight 6

Fight 7

Mini-Game - Any

Fight 9

Fight 10

Fight 11

Mini-Game - Any

Fight 12 - First Sub-Boss - Shokan (new one or Kintaro)

Fight 13 - 3rd Oni or Reptile or 2 Oni-warriors chained together (very frustrating battle on higher levels)

Fight 14 - Shang Tsung and Quan-Chi - Endurance (very tough) (like in MK3 ultimate) (if you loose to them they do a team fatality on you!

Fight 15 - Dragon King (super tough) if you defeat this guy double flawless you get to fight a super secret player and if you beat them they become playable (you unlock them)

Well something like that ..... smile

Gameplay options

Tag team play (2 on 2) arcade mode very fast and furious fighting

Tag team fatalities - Very gruesome and much harder to pull off , hence much more rewarding too.

Special fatality per allied team , for example Sonya and Jax team up for a dual fatality
Another example , Quan-Chi and Shang Tsung team up for another dual fatality, get the idea?

One on one Vs mode - Simple enough

Arcade mode - Standard player against the computer

Story arcade mode - Like Konquest but with little voice over storyboards along the way telling the story of MK.

Survival mode - Name says it all - Beat the shit out of everyone! you get some energy back after every fight and each opponent you face increases in difficulty by 2-3% so after about 10 fights they get quite tuff.

Boss survival mode - Where you just fight all bosses and sub-bosses both past and present (shit yeh!) Very hard!

Time attack mode - Beat the normal arcade game in the fastest possible time (the shorter the playtime the greater the reward)

Practice Mode - Name says it all ,much like in Tekken you can video your best combos and save them to memory card.Also punch in any combination and press the select button then watch you custom combo.(yay!)

Endurance mode - Like in MK3 Ultimate but only available on the certain options , in other words if you hate endurance during arcade mode you can switch them off. This reminds me there could me much more cutomisation in this game.

Super Endurance Mode - Here you every character in the game with no rest (not for the beginner)


Test your sight - Much like in MK:DA , but difficulty increases to where there are 2 MK symbols to find! ( much harder hey?)

Test your might - Much like in MK:DA , but you can choose what kind of break you want to do for example - use your leg or arm and different style like knife hand strike or axe kick.

Test your accuracy - for example Scorpion has to hit a bullseye with his spear (difficulty increases to extreme!

Test your knowledge - Answer questions from the elder god Raiden (trivia if you like)
This mini-game will go up yo level 50. So it keeps getting harder and harder to answer.

Test your ???? more to come

Animalities / Freindships and Babalities

This is tricky

I truly think animalites have a place in future mortal kombat games because if they are done properly and detailed they will be great I think.

Shang Tsung turns into a huge demon and devours you (you get the idea) I know it's been talked about before on here.

Friendships - why not they were good for a laugh smile

Babalities - I don't know about this one , imagine Drahmin as an infant? lmfao! How about something really sick like fatalitys on your opponent after you've turned them into a a baby? Baby in the Pit anyone - OMG! the censors would have a field day!

Final Comments

That's all for now folks but i'm gonna keep adding more stuff as I think of it and I know i've left out heaps of stuff but i'll fill that in later......

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RE: (No Subject)
02/17/2003 10:10 PM EST
I can't believe that you wrote all that amazing text (VERY KOOL WORK, nice ideas and stuff) and you didn't write a Subject.
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RE: (No Subject)
02/17/2003 10:15 PM EST

MuRdOiNk Wrote:
I can't believe that you wrote all that amazing text (VERY KOOL WORK, nice ideas and stuff) and you didn't write a Subject.

Thanx for the kind words dude , when I use HTML the subject heading doesn't work at all because i did title it "my mk6 roster"

Weird smile
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RE: (No Subject)
02/17/2003 11:24 PM EST
this gotta be the biggest display of healthy inteliggent fanatism i've ever see, this is such a cool and neat work dude, if you need any help involving ideas or stuff, dont doubt counting on me, very creative and keep up the good wrok, BTW, the big drummer has a name, i cant recall it right now but it's sumthin like konga or kongo or sumthin like that, cool gringringrin
.....screaming at me the only way that I can truly be free from my fucked up reality.......
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RE: (No Subject)
02/17/2003 11:39 PM EST

mk_sensei Wrote:
this gotta be the biggest display of healthy inteliggent fanatism i've ever see, this is such a cool and neat work dude, if you need any help involving ideas or stuff, dont doubt counting on me, very creative and keep up the good wrok, BTW, the big drummer has a name, i cant recall it right now but it's sumthin like konga or kongo or sumthin like that, cool

Thank you for your kind words mk_sensei , I do indeed need input from people such as yourself and thanks for pointing out the drummer dude! I will correct it later when I update my post.I need more help with the story overall though any ideas?

And more special moves for new and returning characters too...

smile smile smile
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