Which needs a remake more?
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Which game deserves a HD remake the most:
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat Deception
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks
Mortal Kombat 9 (imagine we're 10 years into the future)
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05/30/2015 03:24 AM (UTC)
MK 4
I don't know if Shaolin Monks needs a remake per se, but I want another game like that badly. It'd be cool to see it in a Mortal Kombat 3 setting this time around.

But in terms of the classics getting remade, Trilogy all the way.
08/30/2015 02:15 AM (UTC)
Mortal Kombat 2011 AKA MK9
Because they dun fucked everything up in that game...you know story wise. And why else would we be considering a remake if it wasn't for the story.
09/03/2015 01:52 PM (UTC)
MK: Special Forces.
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02/09/2020 08:22 PM (UTC)

MKMSZ. Start by making the sprites bigger on screen.

02/26/2020 02:08 PM (UTC)

Mortal Kombat Deception in my opinion.

02/26/2020 06:08 PM (UTC)Edited 02/27/2020 04:11 PM (UTC)

I know the apparel has to be simple because of the time it was set but i'd change or alter Sub-Zero's outfit in MKMSZ (if it was remade) as he's the base character. There are ways it can be basic but different, from what it was.

05/17/2020 05:57 AM (UTC)Edited 05/17/2020 06:11 AM (UTC)

I'd like to see a true remake of MK2. It really has an awesome core roster and told a great story. To see them updated and given a fully fleshed out treatment would be really cool. If you're going to do a straight remastered remake, that would be the best bet.

That being said, I was thinking about Deadly Alliance and Deception last night. DA really reset the story and gave me something as a fan I could really bite into. MK4/Gold and all that seemed to lose me. It felt like too far a departure. DA ignored a lot of that and kind of picked up where 3 left off, haha. But what annoyed me about Deception was that it dropped a lot of stories that I thought had real potential.

Deadly Alliance and Deception could really be brought together as one game. If you want to re-write a story, throw out Shujinko's Konquest and have the Deadly Alliance kill Liu Kang and Shao Kahn only to discover that Onaga has taken over Goro so they pledge loyalty. Kind of an amalgamation between the two stories.

Your roster could look like:

** Ashrah: Demon huntress trying to slaughter any denizen of the Netherrealm she can
* Baraka: Soldier in Onaga's army
* Bo' Rai Cho: Old master trying to guide Kung Lao and Li Mei to take Liu Kang's place
* Cyrax: Special Forces member trying to redeem himself for playing a part in the rival of The Dragon King
* Drahmin: Oni tormentor aligned with Quan Chi/Onaga
* Ermac: Freed from Shao Kahn's control by Kenshi and now fighting for good
* Frost: Pupil of Sub-Zero's -- tempted by the Dragon Medallion calling out to her
* Havik: Cleric of chaos trying to resurrect Shao Kahn.
* Jade: Ally of Kitana, but perhaps discovers a wrinkle in her story that makes her question her place
* Jax: Special Forces looking to pound Kobra's head into the pavement.
* Johnny Cage: Needs to step up for Earthrealm now that Liu Kang is dead
* Kabal: Former Black Dragon being hunted by the Red Dragon and once again fighting alongside Earth
* Kano: Black Dragon that has betrayed his place in Earthrealm for sanctuary amongst the Deadly Alliance
* Kenshi: Fighting alongside Earthrealm against Onaga
* Kitana: Fighting for the forces of good, conflicted because Goro's essence has become The Dragon King
* Kobra: (retconned) Red Dragon posing as a Special Forces member who is also lending the Black Dragon the tech they sell to the Lin Kuei -- a triple agent and enemy of Earthrealm
* Kung Lao: Trying to step up as the new protagonist
* Li Mei: Outworld's offering for a new protagonist since Onaga poses such a risk
* Mavado: Red Dragon operative and the guy pulling the strings that pit the Black Dragon and Special Forces against each other
* Mileena: Freed from Kitana's prison to fight for Onaga -- possibly tempted by Havik to betray Onaga so that Shao Kahn can return
* Nightwolf: Senses the grave danger in Onaga's presence and returns to fight alongside his fellow Forces of Light
* Nitara: Manipulator who convinced Goro that the vampires would help fight against Shao Kahn's forces, since he conquered her realm, but she's really ushering in the return of The Dragon King
* Noob Saibot: Enemy of Sub-Zero and Scorpion -- this would really give you a chance to flesh out the whole Bi-Han/Kuai Liang/Scorpion/Sareena/Ashrah story potential
* Quan Chi: One of Onaga's chief sorcerers
* Raiden: "Well, this is messed up -- I better step in and do something"
* Reptile: Hopefully a bit better done than he was -- most likely a lackey for Onaga, but he could play a less humiliating role
* Sareena: It would be interesting to see if she joined with Sub-Zero or Noob Saibot and she'd make a great foil for Ashrah
* Scorpion: After Quan Chi, ally of Sub-Zero, feels responsible for killing Bi-Han
* Sektor: Has started the Tekunin to try and automize all of Earthrealm
* Shang Tsung: One of Onaga's chief sorcerers
* Sindel: Fighting alongside her daughter to protect Edenia
* Sonya Blade: Special Forces, looking for revenge on Kobra and Kano, as well as trying to stop Onaga
* Sub-Zero: Trying to stop Onaga, mentor Frost and prevent Bi-Han from doing anything Noob Saiboty
* Tanya: Generally untrustworthy -- possibly aligned with Onaga, but also possibly scheming to do...something

* Onaga and Moloch would be the boss and sub-boss respectively.

Dairou, Darrius and Hotaru are omitted because the order/chaos stuff was kind of jammed in there. Give it more play later. Havik can be a segue into that story, as him looking to resurrect Shao Kahn was an interesting story on its own. Kira is left out because she's basically a surrogate for Sonya and Kano. Liu Kang is left out for breathing room and to let his death play across the story. Smoke wouldn't be needed as part of Noob's story at this point.

That's 34 playable characters, which is a lot, but in modern times you would probably make some of them DLC and start with a core roster of 24 or so.

I'd be into that game. I think it would give a lot of fans some 3D character service, which they have been craving, and it would also allow them to go back to where the story sort of dropped off, tidy things up a bit, and re-deliver.

05/21/2020 03:09 PM (UTC)

If I had to list them in the order that I'd like to see an HD remake(or even remaster)excluding XL and 11 since they're current gen, this would be my order:

1. MK 9

2. MK Armageddon

to a much lesser degree

3. MK 3

4. MK 2

5. MK 1

6. MK 4

I really don't care if they remade Deception or Deadly Alliance since they play nearly identical to Armageddon, minus the lack of 60+ characters and kreate a fighter. They could take the very few better features of MK 5 and 6 and put them into Armageddon remake(like fatalities over combo fatalities). I don't care for Special Forces, Shaolin Monks or Mythologies all that much, if they were going to do complete remakes, ok I'm down, but remasters? No thanks.

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07/10/2020 02:19 PM (UTC)Edited 07/10/2020 02:22 PM (UTC)

To be honest I wish we could get HD Remasters of the PS2-era game with the bonus characters (from the GameCube/PSP ports) and glitch fixes (such as arenas not appearing in the arcade mode in Deception/Armageddon). Also MK 1/2/UMK3 and MK4/Gold on modern hardware. MK 4/Gold can get the HD remaster treatment because it’s 3D but 1-3 just need arcade-perfect ports.

That doesn’t seem like a lot to ask and if they can’t even do that I doubt we will ever see a full-blown remake of any of the games...

Still if I could will it into existence I would like to see MK 1, 2, and UMK 3 redone in the MK 11 engine with each game having their own story mode to give us a true canon. Outside the original three I can’t see NetherRealm justifying remakes of any of the 3D games (just remasters) and certainly not the PS3/360 and later games like MK 9 and later. If anything just remaster them for a higher resolution and call it a day.

I was a little sad that the PS2-era story lines largely got overlooked in the MK9-11 titles which is a shame because how great their story lines are. I would love to see complete remakes but I don’t think they are popular enough to justify the effort (which is why I would be fine with remasters).

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