ATTENTION NEW USERS: Please read this thread before posting.
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ATTENTION NEW USERS: Please read this thread before posting.
11/06/2010 04:43 PM EST
Hey all, the purpose of this thread is to explain to you how the posting system works, and also to tell you where to find important stuff like the site's rules.

Speaking of which, let me get that out of the way first. Click here to find the Community FAQ, which will provide you with almost everything you need to know about MKO. Do yourself a favor and read that in conjunction with this post before you go wild posting things, ok?

Now for me to explain how to post.

1- If you want to make a new thread, go to the forum where you would like to make the thread, and at the top of the thread listing you should see a link that says "Post Message". Click it, and you'll be taken to the posting screen. Make sure you're in the proper forum before posting. Anyway, you're going to see a subject box (which you should type what the thread is about, and be specific) and a message box (which is where your post will go). When you're all done, click on the Post Message button at the bottom of the box.

2- If you have something that would be considered spoilers, click the Add Spoiler button. You're going to see two side-by-side tags appear. The text of your post goes in between the first > and the second
Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)

3- When you're replying to threads, and you want to quote the user you replied to, click the Add Original button. Keep in mind that if that user has quoted something in their post, it will combine the quotes, which can eventually make the post gigantic and cumbersome to read. I personally like to delete the line breaks (which will look like this: < br/ >, but without the spaces) that way the post takes up less room and is easier to read for everyone, but you don't necessarily have to do this unless there are more than 4 or so quotes in the post. It's more of a courtesy thing.

4- Finally, I'm going to tell you something that the FAQ only partially covers. I know that it says that a post containing only smileys is considered spam, but in my opinion, any post that has too many smileys is spam. Now you may ask, "Hey, guy whose name I can't pronounce! How many is too many?" Well, it's really up to whatever moderator looks at your post, but if you were to ask me, one per thought or sentence is sufficient, if you even need that many. Don't put like 5 of them in a row. It makes you look like a noob, and nobody wants that. OK? OK.

So go out there, obey the rules, and most of all, have fun and make friends. We're glad to have you here as a part of our community at MKO.

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