Back to the Future Episode 5
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Back to the Future Episode 5
06/28/2011 06:37 AM EDT
What did you think of the game?

I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but OMG the ending was just amazing. You probably couldn't get away with doing that in a movie but it worked perfectly for me in the game. Although, looking back at the entire game, I would have enjoyed this if had been BTTF4, which in a way it is. If they were to make a BTTF4 movie and make it a sequel to the episode 5 game, I'd be up for that to.

All I have to say, if you're a BTTF fan, you really need to play the game or at least watch it on youtube or w.e you can find it at online.

Great game, hell this game would make it in my top 5 list of all time favorite games now for me. I really want to go on about how much I loved playing through the game and experiencing BTTF as a adult and looking back at my childhood and remembering how it was to watch the movies as a kid. This game really brought back feelings, memories and just gave me a huge smile on my face during the ending and the credits.

To those who saw the ending, what did you think? Was it a big surprise to you as it was to me?
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RE: Back to the Future Episode 5
06/28/2011 04:06 PM EDT
I've yet to download Episode 5, but from what I've played so far, the game's great. I called it BttF4, as it is really interesting, and with a little re-working, could make an awesome film.
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