Blair Witch (2016 film sequel)
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Blair Witch (2016 film sequel)
07/23/2016 02:55 AM EST
- Blair Witch (2016 Movie) Official Trailer [YouTube]

Movie previously marketed as "The Woods" is actually a Blair Witch sequel!
Trailer and name revealed at SDCC. Coming September 16, 2016!

It makes a pretty good trailer! Still in found footage territory, but a bit more produced.

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RE: Blair Witch (2016 film sequel)
07/24/2016 07:12 PM EST
The comments don't make sense. I distinctly remember nearly everybody hating the 1st, and liking the 2nd more, despite being a mindfuck.

I prefer Book of Shadows. The whole idea of thinking you're doing one thing, but turning out to be doing something else entirely was interesting. Reminds me of some old anti-drug propaganda and urban legends.

Far more compelling than 3 paranoid idiots running around in the woods while freaking out over everything like they're having a bad acid trip. It's like a theater audience that screams or is scared of every little thing that happens on screen, regardless if it's supposed to be scary or not. Fucking running around filming the ground was such bullshit.

Don't get me started on people thinking it was real. Who found/how did they find the cameras? Why no police/missing persons report? Sure, these folks could be dead, but lets release their amateur ghost hunter footage in theaters, nobody'll care they're missing or that we're profiting off some families' tragic losses...

I might end up seeing this new one eventually. Hopefully it's more interesting than the first.
I saw the first out of vague interest, and was severely disappointed. A friend of mine wanted to see the 2nd, so we rented it. There was a feature where you had to find hidden clues or letters of a message or something. I can't remember exactly.

I'm not one for horror movies, I don't see what's so scary about them, or rollercoasters for that matter. Buncha screamin' idiots in my opinion. Don't let that ruin your fun though.

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