Community Feedback/Suggestions Thread
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Community Feedback/Suggestions Thread
07/05/2020 08:40 PM EDT

Greetings, everyone!

I'm happy to announce that I am returning to the staff here at MKO as the new Community Manager. I'll be handling all things related to the forums and community engagement, and I will also be providing assistance and input for Fight Klub and other projects around the site. I've recently been browsing the various forums to come up with a plan to bring more traffic back here where it belongs, and while I have a few things in mind for the outset, I would really like to know what you, the community, think as well.

The goal here is to return to a culture of having an open dialogue between regular users and the moderators and staff. I want to know what you all like, dislike, and want to see added, removed, or changed here at MKO. While I can't promise that everything that will be listed in this thread in the days and months to come will be implemented, I can assure you all that I will be monitoring this thread, listening to your ideas, and passing them along to the people who have the power to make them happen. Whether your feedback or suggestions are big or small, they'll be heard.

To make a reference to the namesake of the site, I am proud and excited to help usher in a "new era" for MKO!

Mortal Kombat Online - Community Manager

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