Does anybody Here Play The Ubisoft Game For Honor on Xbox?
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Does anybody Here Play The Ubisoft Game For Honor on Xbox?
11/14/2021 05:19 PM EST
11/14/2021 06:41 PM EST

1st off I am Looking for Players on Xbox to Play For Honor With on The Daily, to form a GOOD TEAM. It is a Team Role Based Game You Basically Need a MMORPG Kind of Team You Need a Good Main Fighter A DPS a Tank and Assist/Healer Class. There is alot of Heroes to choose from but if You Dont Play With a Core Team Group This Game is a Glorified Rock Paper Scissors with the Roster Selection.

Please Send Or Drop Your XBL Gamertag and I'll Send You a Club invite and Friend Request.

I Cant Help but to Constantly Think How Legendary a 3D Game Like This Would Be With MK9 Like Gameplay Combos Mixed into The Parry/Block Revenge System Making it a Less Team Based Approach Strategy Fighter and More of a Skilled Based Solo Fighter Even in outnumbered Situation's like MK9 Was But on the same Battlefield as other players on and off your team all fighting to capture zones A, B or C to Win with Points Earned by holding the zones but with a New 3D approach to MK9 Style Fighting with this kinda Revenge Attack and Defend/Blocking and Parry System.

The Control's Would Not Have to be The Same as MK9...but There is Multiple Different ways the controls could be Laid out but The Far Most Important Things are The Combos. Here is ln Way The Controls for Combos/ Moves to be Done The Combos Can consist of a Guard Break/Kick Button mixed With Heavy and Light Attacks But in For Honor Kombos Arent Really a Consistant Thing. The Combos are Really Only 3-5 Hits long along with the health bar Being Really Small but i want combos to be more MK Like along with every heroe having the same amount of health and Equal amount of Damage output... It's like Ubosoft Tries to "Balance" These Character's out and they fail everytime Just do wat i just told yall by Taking every Hero Zero Out Their Damage Health and Stun effect Let every Hero get the same Health Damage and same amount of combo ending stun effects/kick's Punches or GuardBreak's Leading Straight into a Guarranteed Combo Starting punish to extend The Tiny combo's that For Honor has to offer.....Bingo Bango Bongo BALANCE!! Like FR Ubisoft Use Your Noodle Guys You Can Do it. I Believe in you.

Aslo get Rid of Undodgable attacks There is no such thing But There is a Technique Explained to Kimbo Slice About Flawed punches but it is Readable Not Undodgable and you shouldnt be able to Guard Break Somebody out of Their Dodge Whether an Attack is Lethal or Nonleathal there will always be a Readable Counter Reaction, like I Have Said Many Times Before "There is No Action So Much Greater Than itself that It Can't set a Action Larger Than itself in Motion." Whether it Be By The Same Object in That Action or an entirely Different Object Nothing is Above This Law.

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