Experts bullying people
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Experts bullying people
12/21/2020 12:40 PM EST

Lumping anti-vaxers with flat earthers is both bullying, and unscientific.
While the scenarios they fear may be rare, they are actual, factual scientific truths.
Plenty of proper reason to fear contaminated/poisonous ingredients, allergic reactions, and nano technology. Not to mention the possibility of data mistakes or purpously falsified data.
Flat Earth has no credibility, AT ALL.

You sit there insulting people who disagree with you beating your chests saying "We're scientists, we're experts, trust the science." Aggressive condescention without showing said "Science" or data. Sometimes even saying contradictory or even unscientific things.

Remember when Experts promoted Cigarettes, and Thalidomide for health, and pregnancy?

Remember the current Opioid crisis?

How many people FINALLY got a CORRECT diagnosis of Lyme Disease after YEARS/DECADES of their SMUG ASS Doctor brushing them off, telling them "it's nothing, all in their head." or they're "just women"?

Such huberis! Check your ego, stop the condescending attitude like you're infalliable, and never make mistakes. Stop trying to save face, and actually explain things to people in a less off-putting way.
It's not always what you say, but how you say it.

I'm not saying don't trust experts ever, just take everything with a grain of salt. Ask questions. Look into things so you know for yourself you're not just blindly following someone else's word. At least I have the decency to warn you I'm batshit crazy.


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