Fightstick modding thread
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Fightstick modding thread
05/21/2014 03:53 PM EST
I created a similar thread over on the Killer Instinct forum, but since that forum has been taken down, I figured I create a new thread here. I know there where a few members on that board, that also frequented here.

I figure I'd start the thread off with my latest fightstick mod, an Injustice BE stick MK mod:

I figured with MK10 upon us, it was time I swapped over my injustice stick to an MK theme. As far as aesthetics goes I went with a mirrored plexi panel with the MK text logo etched in the bottom corner, as well as a custom MK dragon logo etched dust washer.

There where however a number of performance mods I made that can't been seen. First off I swapped out the damn awful pivot cylinder and spring base with an authentic JLF version. It really is like night and day, the older pivot cylinder felt like it was grinding too much. I think the stock cylnder was actually made of plastic vs an authentic JLF that is nylon.

I also swapped in an extended JLF shaft, a 1.5 lb spring, Kowal oversized actuator and an octagonal restrictor gate.

XBL: kabal31082, PSN: Kabal31082
Nintendo Id: kabal82, 3ds friend code: 2595-3252-2624

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RE: Fightstick modding thread
08/15/2019 03:07 PM EST

Nice stick dude!

Do you happen to know the name of the cable that plugs into the base of the stick? I'm not sure if all sticks are the same, but I have 2 MadCatz sticks. The cable has 5-pins, oriented in a circle, and the one end plugs into USB. I need to replace mine, but can't seem to find out what the cable is called...

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