hi everyone!
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hi everyone!
08/23/2017 05:34 AM EDT
Hey.. everyone..ya homie Kabal610..aka methuselah6463 here!

It's been awhile since I posted anything on here. I am normally more active on here around the time a new mk gets announced.. Which should be 2019... Honestly I am writing this here because I thought.. why not it's a general conversation to have.. kinda sorta related to MK ..

So currently I am enjoying Injustice 2 like everyone. Good times and what not.. But it got me thinking about this place.. Mortalkombatonline.com.. or mk5.com .. which is how I found it back in .. Christ...2001...2000.. something like that..

IT WAS A LONG TIME AGO.. anyway.. I was thinking about the midway forums.. and this community as it is.. and as it was.. People I have come to talk to and those that have continued to be here.. It's interesting to say the least.. maybe one of those moments of aging I think.. I don't know.. "Kinda rambling here"...

Anyway.. just thought I would say hello.. see what the community is doing...look about ..just talk..grin
Damn its hard being this cool
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