Hong Kong 97 discovered & dissected
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Hong Kong 97 discovered & dissected
03/26/2019 03:47 AM EDT
03/26/2019 04:03 AM EDT

The complete history of Hong Kong 97 [NSFW]

What started as a silly idea in the back of my mind ended with me on a journey to meet the man who started it all. The information in this video is based on the interview I had with Kowloon Kurosawa, who made Hong Kong 97 together with an undisclosed programmer. I hope this will, once and for all, answer all the questions people have had about the game. It was a big undertaking for me and definitely the most work I've ever put into a single video. Please like and subscribe, if you feel like it. There's a lot more Japan-exclusive gaming action in the works. Also follow me on other social media platforms to see ridiculously rare games and goodies from Japan.

If you know anything about Hong Kong 97 you know this is a great find and dissection. If you don't know what Hong Kong 97 is - you'll learn some interesting stuff!

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