I'm So Hyped For The 12 Day's of Mortal Kombat!!
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I'm So Hyped For The 12 Day's of Mortal Kombat!!
11/07/2021 03:15 PM EST
11/08/2021 05:23 PM EST

I Really Think They Should Do Something This Year...FR It's The Only Time They Could Do it Besides in an MK12 Event... Maybe Start Releasing MK12 Info For The 12 Days?? I'm Pretty Sure Youtuber's Will Have Some Content for it... But They Should For Sure Do a MK11 Event This year... The 12 Day's of MORTAL KOMBAT Online and Towers of Time Event. They Could Make it so Players Could Get all The Event Exclusive Items That Were Released From Launch That You Cant Regularly Get in Those Twelve Days :D... Atleast I Think This Would Be Cool Seeing How alot of People Missed out on Alot of Exclusive Items and Outfits, also seeing how MK11 is coming to a Close it Could Make alot of People Happy... Maybe Even Some Pre-Order Exclusive Outfits. 🎅 Thanks Northern Knick!!

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