Killer instinct
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Killer instinct
06/12/2022 08:29 AM EDT

If Someone got idea of New Killer instinct Characters for to bring back Killer Instinct Games and Make Killer instinct To be Brought back.

Here my own idea of Killer instinct games new Characters.

Cyborg Ninja .
Stone Minotaur Eyedol Minions.
Sharkman .
Ape Cavemen.
Thunder God Similar to Thundurus from Pokemon.
Wind God Similar to Tornadous from Pokemon.
Sylph Sister or Brother of Cinder .
Parasites aliens Symbiotes type.
Wendigo Member of Coven .
Female Blonde Agent Member of Ultratech.
Kunoichi with pyslock Power Lover of Jago and Free from omen & Gargos curse.
Treekin with Celtic Spirit.
Wushu Master Member of Night guard Similar to Master Sage From Tao Feng Fist of the Lotus.
Ballistic Serial Killer Similar to Fatalist from Tao Feng Fist of the Lotus.
Wrestler Mutant Bulky Muscler Rival of Tj Combo.
Luchador wrestler Champion with Aztec Spirit.
Ultratech Scientists Alchemist.
Detective Similar to Sherlock Holmes.
Ultratech super Solider.
Crusted Witch .
African Warrior tribe.
Cursed Samurai Father of Hisako.

If someone will be interested about idea of Killer Instinct?.

No more Guests Characters please thank you for This Games .

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