Lag Switching!!
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Lag Switching!!
04/20/2023 04:11 PM EDT
04/20/2023 04:29 PM EDT

Lag Switching is a Serious Problem I Hope They Disconnect Players That Have any Lag in MK12 cuz this Lag that Happens only when its my turn gets old fast I Just Quit Say Screw it I Hate Cheaters Cant even Pull off a wakeup attack. I Try To do a wakeup attack ping Jumps from 80 to 120 same when i start a combo or while im in mid combo but never when its their turn NO.... WTF. If The Characters were balanced it wouldnt be so bad but all i see is spamming lag switching cry babies MK9 was not like this but I guess we gotta deal with the wihining Runts Who Need to Be Catered to Upon all The Cheating Cuz of Sales or W/E.

Things I Hope to see in the Next Game!!

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