MK12 Klassik Character Voices.
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MK12 Klassik Character Voices.
05/03/2022 04:05 PM EDT
05/03/2022 07:11 PM EDT

For all Recent Past MK's We Have Gotten Klassik Outfit's and Musik I Think if we got a DLC For MK12. It Should Have Klassik Outfit's, Musik The Klassik MK11 Tournament Stage and Too Top it off Klassik Character Voices Attached to The Klassik Alternate Outfit's or an Option Toggle in Customization. For Example An MK11 Video Voice Example there is just Something about the oldskool Death Screams and Horrific SFX I cant Explain with words of this World.

Things I Hope to see More of in MK1!!

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Realm Kast
09/28/2023 05:00 PM EDT
Soul Stream
10/12/2023 05:00 PM EDT
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