PlayStation 5 details announced
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PlayStation 5 details announced
04/16/2019 10:29 AM EST
04/16/2019 10:33 AM EST

- Exclusive: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation
Mark Cerny would like to get one thing out of the way right now: The videogame console that Sony has spent the past four years building is no mere upgrade.

As he did with the PS4, Cerny acted as lead system architect for the coming system, integrating developers’ wishes and his own gaming hopes into something that’s much more revolution than evolution. For the more than 90 million people who own PS4s, that's good news indeed. Sony’s got a brand-new box.

Major takeaways: PS4 backwards compatibility, PSVR, 8K, gaming-first ray tracing, 3D audio, SSD drive for faster loading, not out in 2019.

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RE: PlayStation 5 details announced
04/17/2019 06:25 AM EST

How much is that going to cost? SSD's are not cheap and the specs looks very good.

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RE: PlayStation 5 details announced
05/06/2019 07:17 AM EST

want to know the same. Price?

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