Tao Feng 2 ideas
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Tao Feng 2 ideas
01/16/2023 05:41 AM EST

Let Do talk about idea of To bring back Tao feng Games.

With New Gameplay , Characters & Factions.

Who Got idea of New characters, Gameplay, Factions & Story For Tao ☯️ feng 2 Games ?.

We Could think of boss characters like Evil Villians Demon tyrant Have Vibe of Thanos, Shao kahn, Lord zedd , Darkseid, Gargos Who want to Invaded Earth Along with his minions. With Pale Lotus & Black Mantis & Other Factions to Stop That invasion.

1 , Tournament.

2 , Rise of the Black mantis .

3 , Invasion.

Any idea new characters & Factions to be Alliance with pale Lotus & Black mantis .

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RE: Tao Feng 2 ideas
05/19/2023 07:09 PM EDT

Here idea of new Characters idea for Tao Feng 2 Games .

Thunder God Based Thundurus from Pokemon.

Wind God Based on Tornadous from Pokemon.

Death God Based on jedah dohma From Darkstalkers .

Chupacabra male or Female .

Wendigo female or male .

Voodoo Warrior priest.

Female ???? Lover of Iron Monk Iron monk help her escape from Black mantis She & Iron monk help each other out she is Counterpart of Geist.

Black Mantis Cyborg Army Just like Fulgore army from Killer Instinct.

Super Solider.

Tyrant Vampire Warlord based Drake From Blade Trinity.

Female Blonde Hollywood Fighter.

Super military strongest Based on Guile From Street Fighter.

Boxer Fighter based On power man known as Luke Cage .

Any more idea Some Like animal martial art style?.

Let me know if someone have idea of new characters for Tao feng 2 Games .

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