Tao Feng movie fancast
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Tao Feng movie fancast
11/25/2021 02:30 PM EST
11/25/2021 02:43 PM EST

If Any one Remember Tao Feng games I Thinking Movie of Tao Feng could Make Games be Back in Actions .

Maybe we put some new Characters & factions for the movies put any Actress & Actor as new Characters For Tao Feng movie Be Similar other fighting games like street Fighter, Mortal kombat , Killer instinct also including Tekken .

Tao Feng Rise of Black Mantis Fancast movie.
cary hiroyuki tagawa As Wulong Goth - Demonic Mantis martial arts Style leader of Black Mantis.
Togo Igawa As Master Sage- wu shi Master leader of Pale Lotus.
Jessica McNamee As Vapor - Mysterious Woman exorcist can turn into Vapor Member of Black Mantis.
Samantha win As Jade Dragon- Female Dragon Monk Warrior Member of Pale Lotus.
Moon bloodgood As Divinity- Heavenly DemiGoddess Lover of Divine Fist Member of Black Mantis.
Simu liu As Divine Fist- Chinese martial art Metro China Police Detective Member of Pale Lotus.
Manu Bennett As Fatalist- Austrian Serial Killer mercenaries Member of Black Mantis.
Jessica rey As Ferice Tiger - Tiger Warrior with Tiger Spirit Member of Pale Lotus.
Kelly Hu As Geist - Female Cyborg with Swarm Knife Member of Black Mantis.
Finn Jones or Lewis Tan As Iron Monk- Cybernetic Iron Monk Fighter Member of Pale Lotus.
Marty Ford As Exile - Brute Muscler Mutant Bulky Member of Black Mantis.
Ludi lin As Fiery Phoenix- Male Warrior Fiery with Phoenix Spirit Member of Pale Lotus.
Hiroyuki sanada As zhao yen- immortal guardians leader of Eastern sun

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