What Movie Have You Seen the Most?
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What Movie Have You Seen the Most?
12/04/2017 02:06 AM EST
It's a basic question, which movie have you seen more times than any other? Not simply in theatres, but in general. It doesn't have to be your favorite movie (though it likely is, or is for someone close to you), just simply the movie you've seen more than any other. I'm being somewhat loose with the term "watched" as well. With movies that we love, we tend to know them so well that we just start them and go about our business with the comfort of listening to the film.

For me, it's The Empire Strikes Back; every version of it and on vhs, dvd, blu-ray, laserdisc (actually bought a laserdisc for the Star Wars trilogy), and digital. It is a film that, no joke, I would wager that I've seen over 100 times. Yes, 8.8 DAYS of Empire Strikes Back (even sounds a bit low). As a kid I got into the habit of putting in Empire in the morning, and then just replaying all day long as I played, ate, colored, and did other kid things. For a good period, I couldn't sleep if it wasn't playing. I still do that sometimes if I feel I need some sort of comforting ambiance.

So, how about you? What movie have you watched more than any other?
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RE: What Movie Have You Seen the Most?
12/05/2017 01:36 AM EST
Deep Throat.
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RE: What Movie Have You Seen the Most?
12/05/2017 02:43 PM EST
Nice to see you are still breathing life into MKO's lungs, coltess.

I have seen Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith so many times that I've memorized the movie, line-for-line. I was introduced to Star Wars trilogy back in '99 through the prequel trilogy, so understand my love for the prequels in the face of all it's mistakes. The Star Wars saga, as a whole, I have watched more than any other series. However, some of the different films (see above), I have seen more times than others. When my step-father came into my life, I was introduced to a lot of the cool shit I love today. The Star Wars saga has always been #1, though.

Also, I have watched Phase 1 of the MCU quite the number of times, as well. Not to say I haven't watched all of the films, but that particular phase the most.
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RE: What Movie Have You Seen the Most?
12/09/2017 02:37 AM EST
Dumb and Dumber is surely the movie I've seen the most in my lifetime. One summer, I feel like I must have had it playing on my TV just about every single day. Never gets old. Always a go-to when I had friends or cousins staying over.

Runner-ups would be Independence Day and Forrest Gump. Speed is really high on the list too. Needless to say, these are a few of my all-time favorites.

Most I've seen in theaters is Jurassic Park. Saw it three times as a kid, and once for the 3D re-release a few years ago. The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises I each saw three times!
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