Ideas for a MKvsDC sequel *another long post*
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Ideas for a MKvsDC sequel *another long post*
06/19/2011 05:19 AM EDT
I personally enjoyed MK vs DCU, but it still could have been much better. As a crossover I feel MK vs DCU could go quite far.

Roster: Bring back everyone from the first game. There should be a lot more "freaks" such as Goro, Killer Croc, Reptile, Clayface, etc. Goro's exclusion in the first game was ridiculous, to say the least. All that talk about iconic characters, and Goro did not even make it in.

There should be more women, too. A personal pick of mine would be Miss America, a very obscure DC character. "Joke" characters such as Lois Lane and Mokap would be most welcomed as well.

Fatalities: Where in the Hell was Joker's smilex fatality? Instead we got that Reiko-lite fatality with the cards. Certain fatalities such as Kabal's MK3 ones, Quan Chi's neck stretch and Nightwolf's beam would have been perfect for the T rating. Not that there should have been any censorship in the first place.

Stage Fatalities: The chemical factory that disfigured the Joker could have an excellent stage fatality that sees the victims given an "happy" makeover. Some characters would lose it like the Joker did, some would just be upset, and others would be dead and disfigured. The "freaks" would be affected differently as well.

Other stage fatalities that could work around the T rating: the subway (MK3 version), pit 2, deadpool (not the latest version obviously), Scorpion's lair/Shokan throne roon from MKDA/MKD, and the void.

Story: some actual deaths would be nice. And chapters for Baraka, Kano, Deathstroke, and Catwoman. Don't really care for Kitana. Shang Tsung needs to smile a little, if you know what I mean.

Alternate costumes: various possibilities. I'll start with Batman's design from the Adam West show. When worn, whenever Batman or his opponent get hit, words like "WHAM!" or WHUMP!" would appear for comical effect.

What do you think? Are you in favor of a sequel?
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RE: Ideas for a sequel *another long post*
01/17/2012 11:17 PM EST
I think it's probably worth remembering the DC Universe is much broader than just Batman. Harley Quinn was apparently on the way, but it'd be nice to look beyond those characters. Falling into the trap of the mainstream familiarity of those characters is something DC/WB have been getting much better at avoiding. Batman: Brave and the Bold -- a good example of how the Bat-brand was being used to broaden horizons.

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RE: Ideas for a sequel *another long post*
01/17/2012 11:38 PM EST
I'm all in for a sequel to MK vs. DCU. Especially if the gameplay is like MK9's, and if there were more unlockables, stages, characters, and good T-rated Fatalities, and Heroic Brutalities. Friendships and Babalities seem like finishers that'll fit well with the T rating.

I kind of want the MK heroes to have one Fatality and one Heroic Brutality, while the MK and DC villians have two Fatalities, and the DC heroes have two Heroic Brutalities.
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